146 responses to “Over 100 Gift Ideas For Teens

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  2. Awesome! Very creative and helpful considering I have all boys and a few nieces. Thank you! Keep up the outstanding ideas.
    For anybody out there this is true about what teenagers like.


  3. OK…… Any parents that are reading this…. Just know that teens absolutely HATE for their parents to decorate their room for them. If you want to redecorate their room, ask them what they want first! As a teen, I have room goals that my parents do not know about. so therefore, if my parents do anything without my consent, my head will pop off. Just ask them to write down specific things they would like for their room! Just a tip. hope this helps.


  4. This is exactly what i was looking for! most sites just have things they are selling, not really helping me considering i had no idea what to get my friend! thanks so much


  5. Oh my, I just couldn’t leave this website without saying thank you; I just got a great idea as present for my girl best friend. Really, thank you very much!


  6. hello ! I am doing the ice cream sundae theme for gifts this year but I can’t find the glasses used in the photo. Where could I purchase some? Please help me. Thank you!


  7. Hi thank you so much this had been really helpful! 😊 i just wanted to ask where are the mean girls pencils from?


  8. This has been very helpful think you so much! 😊 I was wondering where I could get some if the mean girls pencils? Pls reply thnx


  9. Everyear when I make Christmas or birthday list I first go to the internet for examples and I have always been hoping I would come across a list like this. This is amazing thank you so much for posting this. Not only does it give me ideas for my list but the blog itself is so good it might just be easier to hand out your blog. Thank you again.

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