Over 100 Teen Gift Ideas – UK Edition



-NEW UPDATED VERSION HERE  – 300+ gifts (Seriously, this page gets so much traffic and I love y’all but this post is just not as good as the new one.)

So, as I do officially love each and every one of you reading this (except possibly you; I see what you do when you’re alone . . . eugh, come on now.) and I want you all to be happy and the rest, I decided to share my epiphany with you.

It’s almost Christmas.

Okay, don’t look at me like that – I know it’s only August, but this year is going really quickly. And as soon as we hit September, it is pretty much the climb-up to Christmas.Now, smart people know that getting all your Christmas presents at Christmas is not a good idea. Okay. It leads to panicking and stress and “OMG, BUT I NEED TO PAY MY RENT, SO I CAN’T BUY BLAH-BLAH THIS! SAD TIMES!” and “WAIT, WHAT DOES ____ WANT, OH GOSH, I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO GET THEM?!”.

But I’m not here to bully you into doing your Christmas shopping ridiculously early. I’m just here to help you. And this list isn’t just for Christmas – it can be for birthdays, for when you accidentally hit them with a car and put them in hospital, for when you realize you forgot them at Christmas . . . anything. So let’s start, shall we?


As every present-buyer knows, teens are ridiculously hard to buy for – especially since we never know what we want. It’s not our fault, okay. Don’t judge us. Hormones and shit. (That excuse usually works . . .) But I have basically given you the perfect solution – OVER 100 PRESENT IDEAS FOR A TEENAGER, FROM A TEENAGER. So stop freaking out and crying about what you’re going to buy and read on. (By the way, there are pretty picture examples and links for you too. Aren’t I great? I am. I really am.) Obviously, quite a few of these are girly, but there are some guy’s gift ideas too, don’t worry!

Let me tell you exactly what you’re looking at in this list:

  1. Up to £5 gifts
  2. Up to £10 gifts
  3. Up to £15 gifts
  4. MONEY IS NOW NO OBJECT, LET’S LIST SOME REALLY COOL PRESENT IDEAS! (Most of these ideas are £15-50, with a few exceptions being over)
  5. Really cool DIY gift ideas (that don’t look ridiculously tacky, don’t worry)/ Personalized Gifts
  6. The really cool presents. I don’t want to give these ones away, but these are the ones you want to give your teen, if you want them to take your side in the divorce.
  7. The cool, interesting ways to give money (for all you failures out there that haven’t got time to find a present)



Okay, wait, let me just tell you one more thing – here’s a gift shop dedicated to Teen Girls. I made it myself. It ranges in price and has pretty categories (Style, Jewellery, Beauty, etc etc) and is specially made for you on this lovely day to help put some of these gift ideas into practice before you even have to read them. But, you know, feel free to read them first. http://astore.amazon.co.uk/okaaythen-21

Gifts up to £5

    • Posters. What’s good about posters is that you can get posters that are specifically relevant to the person (eg favourite bands, favourite movies) or you can get generic, funny quote posters that everyone loves. And they’re cheap. That’s always good.

(Here’s an example of one of those generic posters your anti-social, roombound teenager will love, for only £3.49. Yay. P2229 ROOM RULES FUNNY DOOR WALL POSTER PRINT )

      • CDs. If you know their favourite bands/singers, then you can buy their latest album, or just go for the average Now/Ministry of Sound mixup.
      • Books. Yeah, I know, some books are more than £5, but if you check www.theworks.co.uk they sell some for under a pound and they have deals instore of 3 for £5. Or check Amazon Book Store for cheap books.
      • Pens. It sounds boring, but if you get some cute pens and put them in a pretty holder it’s an inexpensive and nice gift. A good site for pretty pens and pencils is paperchase.
        (Mean girls quotes on pencils, on Etsy for £3.59. My life is complete.)
        if you’re going to buy on Etsy, sign up here – http://etsy.me/1wATIqs – for £5 off your first order.
      • Cheap jewelry. I know some of you may think “oh, but you know if you drop the fake diamond earrings they could break” . . . well, yeah. Don’t drop them. And, if they break, they were like £2. Chill. But some of the nicest jewelry around is pretty damn cheap. Amazon and Etsy do a lot of cheap jewellery, but most highstreet stores (like New Look, Forever 21 etc) sell cheap jewelry in store too. Here are some pretty cute pieces of jewellery you that anyone would love – or at least like.
        Bracelet for £1.40   925 Colorful Women solid silver Jewelry Bracelet
        Bracelet for £1.30 Bocideal Vintage Handmade Infinity Silver 8 Owl Leaf Bird Leather Bracelet Wristband New
    1. Box of chocolate or assorted sweets. You can’t go wrong with that.
    2. Hair stuff – bobby pins, hair ribbons, bandanas etc.
    3. Pencil case for school (ew.)
    4. Cupcake in a jar
    5. Nail decals. Nail decals are cute stickers you put onto your nails and they come in all shapes and sizes. Cute gifts.

      30 Sheets of 3D Lace Nail Art Stickers Decals Pro Set– All Black Lace
  1. Face masks
  2. Chocolate sleigh (obviously more of a Christmas thing)
  3. Cute bookmarks
  4. FLUFFY SOCKS. Teen girls especially have a love for fluffy socks. And some of them are so nicely patterned and urgh cuteness! (This is definitely a Christmas one.)
  5. BUTTONS. Okay, fine, roll your eyes – I don’t care. But buttons (that physically pained me to write; I apologise) are so cute and so inexpensive – and a lot of people wear them. Just look in HMV if you don’t believe me.
    Beyonce Buttons!
    Buttons from Etsy – £1 –  if you’re going to buy on Etsy, sign up here – http://etsy.me/1wATIqs – for £5 off your first order.
  6. NOTEBOOKS –  for £3.50 each, from Etsy. Gotta love Etsy.
    https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/123036993/a6-pocket-notebook-jotter-mini-journal?ref=favs_view_2  – – if you’re going to buy on Etsy, sign up here – http://etsy.me/1wATIqs – for £5 off your first order.

Gifts up to £10

  1. An iPad/Tablet/Laptop/Phone case. They sell nice ones pretty much everywhere, but you can actually design your own at certain printing websites like: http://www.vistaprint.co.uk/- these cost considerably more, though.
  2. DVDs.
  3. A calendar!
  4. Earphones. Skullcandy earphones (which are very good and come in all kinds of cool designs) are only £9.99. They make quite good presents. People (especially teens that listen to music 24/7. What do you mean me? NEVER!) need earphones. These are cheap and pretty and they work well. Win win. Link under picture.
    Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 In-Ear Headphones with Mic – Grey/Black
  5. NOTEBOOKS. Okay, notebooks are fucking adorable. And have you seen Etsy? I want someone to buy me half of those notebooks. Let me put some pictures and links, up okay. And – let’s just keep this in mind – there is expansion on the notebook idea in the Personalized section of gifts. Okay. IT GETS EVEN BETTER.
    http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Alfamarama?ref=l2-shop-info-name <
    This shop has some of the best notebook titles: My Secret Plan To Conquer The World, Things I Need To Share With My Therapist etc.
    http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/TheBlackSpruce?ref=l2-shop-info-name http://etsy.me/1wATIqs &#8211; for £5 off your first order.

  6. Diary/Scrapbook. Scrapbooks are awesome. Seriously.
  7. BEANIES! Everybody loves a nice beanie, okay. Buy (most) teens a beanie and they (might) love you forever!

    TTC Bad Hair Day Soft Touch Beanie Turn Up Same Day Post Black
  8. Keyrings. You can buy keyrings for under £5, but there are some amazing keyrings out there that come in at under £10 – and you can personalize keyrings too. Some of the nicest keyrings on amazon are only £1.99!
  9. A purse/wallet.
  10. Joke boxers. For guys. Duh. And girls. You don’t believe me? You don’t think a gift can be universal? You don’t belive in feminism? Well… that’s not nice.
  11. Makeup. Girls (and guys because, hey, we don’t judge) might like makeup and you can buy great sets of it.

    60 Piece Urban Beauty Travel Cosmetic Vanity Case Make Up Gift Set Train Box – Nails Eyes Lips Plus More
  12. Nail varnish sets.
  13. Bath sets.

    Bomb Cosmetics Luxury Ballotin Assortment Bath Gift Set
  14. Money box.
  15. A decorative pillow – this one is for both guys and girls; you can get pillows that have comic strips on them, or quotes, or this:
    Well, yes, that is just a pillow case, but actual pillows are cooler.)

Gifts up to £15
Okay, now, this is where things start to get really fun.

    1. BAND MERCHANDISE. I have waited the entire post to write that. Okay? These are the only two things on my Christmas list – and they are both band merchandise that come in at under £15. If you know what bands/singers they like, then buy away!
      http://store.fueledbyramen.com/artists/7/store/show/NICQX http://store.fueledbyramen.com/artists/2/store/show/GRYM8
    2. Art supplies (obviously only for certain people). If your teen is interested in art, some quality supplies would be well received.
    3. CHOCOLATE PIZZA! I can not even express my deep love for this gift idea, okay. Just . . . just look at the sites. (Oh, it’s surprisingly cheap too!) http://www.gourmetchocolatepizza.co.uk http://www.thewonderfulchocolatepizzacompany.co.uk
    4. Hobby guide books. Obviously, it helps to know what the person you’re buying for is interested in, but hobby books are quite good. Recipe, crafting and makeup ones are good for girls, while boys may prefer sports.Don’t stick to the basic, boring things though – I personally am saving up for “psychology for dummies” (http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/0764554344/ref=s9_hps_bw_g14_ir06?pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_s=center-1&pf_rd_r=027K43DP9YTRGB155FWN&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=303655087&pf_rd_i=74), so be inventive.
    5. Jewellery box/holder.
      3-Panel Jewellery Organiser for Hanging Earrings, Bracelets, & Necklaces, Black
    6. Perfume/Aftershave
    7. Pyjamas!
    8. A duvet set!

    9. Earcuffs! Say what you like, but earcuffs are so cool Look at them. Seriously. Just look at them.
    10. Gold/Silver Second Angel Wing Ear Cuff with Stud Earring
      Ear cuff from Etsy if you’re going to buy on Etsy, sign up here – http://etsy.me/1wATIqs – for £5 off your first order.
    11. Textbooks (urg. But I know some people would actually like to recieve textbooks, so I’m going to put it down. We’re covering things everyone would like.)
    12. An empty charm bracelet. This way, every time you need to buy another present, you can buy a few charms instead of having to go through OMG I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO BUUUUUY!
    13. Personalized Bracelet, Initial Bracelet, Personalized Jewelry, Gold Bracelet, Black Rope Bracelet, Custom Bracelet,Monogram Bracelet,For Her
      Personalised monogram bracelet – £15 if you’re going to buy on Etsy, sign up here – http://etsy.me/1wATIqs – for £5 off your first order.
    14. Funny T-Shirts.
    15. Makeup bags/Cosmetic bags. These are usually really cute and are actually useful too. Woo!

    16. Make-up Bag ‘Better to arrive late than Ugly’

I just wanted to get a few (cheap) ideas out of the way, so that all you step-third-cousins-once-removed have some (not so unique or weird or interesting, but quite simply good enough) present ideas to get you through the day. Did I succeed? I did? Okay, let’s get to the good stuff!

Money Is No Object!


(I’m the one dancing (SOKA) and all you present buyers are the one frowning (KATARA). Sorry, I had to prove to myself that I still love avatar.) Anyways.

  1. Let’s start with an all-time winner – a laptop. Obviously, these are useful and great blah blah, but they can also be really cute too. Just saying. Besides, take it from someone that currently studies a lot, laptops are pretty much the best thing you can get your teen if you want to help their education.

    Acer Aspire E1-572 15.6-inch Laptop (Iron) – (Intel Core i7 1.8GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, DVDSM DL, LAN, WLAN, Webcam, Integrated Graphics, Windows 8.1)
  2. An iPhone. Okay, it’s expensive and there’s probably a new one coming out soon, but if you’ve got the money you might as well.
    Apple iPhone 5, White, 16GB
  3. Something beautiful to let them know they’re important to you. Like this (stunning) £200 box.

    Wooden jewellery box with drawers, handmade mother of pearl gift, luxury wood jewelry case, pine tree and cranes
  4. Video games. www.gamesradar.com/new-games2013 that list would be adored.
  5. A gaming console; 3DS, Xbox, Playstation etc

    Xbox One Console
    Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4)
  6. A cake pop or waffle maker. Honestly, if you buy somebody a cake-pop or a waffle maker they will love you forever.
    Electric 12 Pop Cake Maker – With Cooling stand and 75 sticks, and User Guide – (Red)
    Belgian Waffle Maker with 1kg Luxury Belgian Waffle Mix
  7. Exercise equipment (hehe, I had to post it under the sugary treat maker, didn’t I?) – whether it’s a yoga mat, a treadmill or one of those massive rubber balls, exercise equipment is usually appreciated. Just be careful the teen doesn’t think you’re implying that they need to lose weight.
  8. Still on the subject of “makers”, candy floss and popcorn makers. Nommy.
  9. Football shirts/Basketball jerseys
  10. Skateboards/Bikes/Scooters/Rollerblades
  11. Converses/vans. I say these two brands because you literally cannot go wrong with converses or vans.
  13. New (bigger) TV. I personally love my TV, but some teens may not.
  14. Wall stickers; they sell some amazing wall stickers/decorations on Etsy (can you tell that I love that site? I think I hide it so well.)
    http://www.etsy.com/uk/browse/home-garden/decor-housewares/wall-decals/?ship_to=GB if you’re going to buy on Etsy, sign up here – http://etsy.me/1wATIqs – for £5 off your first order.
  15. Tour round a football stadium (more one for the lads)
  16. Spa treatment/massage
  17. Magazine subscriptions
  18. A mirror
  19. Hair straighteners. Seriously. Girls need their hair straighteners the way fish need water.
    ghd Wonderland Gift Set
  20. A photoframe
  21. Their favourite TV series on DVD – I want Supernatural at the moment.
  22. A new bed. (With a memory foam mattress preferably. And bigger. Bigger is always better.)
  23. Buy them a nice bookshelf.
  24. Buy them a nice bookshelf, filled with books they like.
  25. A piercing – I’m getting my cartilage pierced, in case anybody wanted to know!
  26. If it’s Christmas, then please somebody do this:
  27. An iPad (ew Apple, no.) or a tablet (go for the tablet. Please. Although I can’t deny that your kid’s face is going to absolutely light up at the sight of Apple. It’s just one of those things. You love it until you hate it.)
    Apple IPAD AIR WI-FI 16GB 16 GB 1024 MB 9.7 -inch Retina display
  28. One of those funny jumpers – like this one actually

    (Available here, by the way http://skreened.com/collegeisforyourmom/harvard-law-just-kidding-sweater )
  29. Onesies!
  30. Slippers
  31. Watches
  32. Sunglasses
  33. A WHOLE POST DEDICATED TO GIFT HAMPERS, WOOOO! (Seriously, check this out – gift boxes, gift sets, hampers . . . it’s great. I want them. Like all of them.)

Okay, so I am way too excited about the really, really, really cool presents to finish that list right now. But still! Let’s continue!

when-you-finish-first-year-exams-1 - Copy (2)
Now that the ideas are done, allow me to share with you . . . some GIFTS!

Personalized/DIY Presents
I’m not even going to lie, some of these presents I want. (And I’m so using for some of my friends  No, I most certainly am not using any of these for my friends, the element of surprise still exists, okay!?)

  1. Money jar! With this gift, what you basically do is put all your spare change in it throughout the year and give it to somebody at Christmas. It’s cute. And, if you’re buying your Christmas shopping with cash, you could probably fill a jar with the leftover change you collect throughout the season.
  2. A movie night gift hamper; include a DVD, a bag of popcorn, some sweets and a drink. (If it’s a movie adapted from a book, include the book)
  3. A cupcake decorating kit.
  4. An ice cream decorating kit. (Yeah, I know I just did a cupcake-decorating set, but they’re so cute!
  5. This idea is actually adorable. I’m doing this for my best friend Amber.
  6. Buy a cheap set of drawers or whatever, find an image you like enough to put on it and, using modge podge, stick it on. (There was a tutorial I followed when making something like this, but it has disappeared. Sorry!
  7. A “decorate your room” kit – as a teen girl, I can confirm that a big percentage of us want a room covered with photos, posters, song lyrics and lights. This picture below is completely true. If you know the sort of thing your teenager likes, buy them some fairy lights, posters, photos of their friends, (or buy them ink and tell them to print out the things they want themselves), some pretty alphabet stickers and whatever you can think of and give them a DIY Decorate Your Room Kit.
  8. A photoframe money box – stick a photo of whatever the teen is saving up for (to travel the world, a certain college etc) and put it in a photoframe, then cut a slit in for money!
  9. A jar of fortune balls (but you can obviously write anything in these, so it could be “reasons I love you” or “texts I’ve sent you throughout the year”. Tutorial here > http://itsamakkie.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/wensjes-in-balletjes-zo-maak-je-het.html
  10. Okay, so I have an intense love for notebooks, right? What do you mean you already knew, no you didn’t – I was very subtle about it!  Here are some personalized notebook ideas. Buy a notebook for someone using any of these purposes http://www.hearthandmade.co.uk/search?q=notebook
  11. A spa day hamper
  12. Hot chocolate kit. I’m not talking those “cookie recipe in a jar, hehee” hot chocolate kit either. I’m talking, a mug, whipped cream, mini-marshmallow, chocolate shavings – the whole lot!
  13. “Winter sleepover in a box”. A gift I thought up for my cousin actually, as she lives in Devon and it gets bloody freezing down there. Basically, you get a pretty box and in it you put all the essentials for a winter sleepover – fluffy socks, a movie, popcorn, a blanket, hot chocolate mix, biscuits and a pair of pyjamas. We brits need our ways to battle the cold, after all.
  14. If you draw on a lightbulb, the patterns are thrown onto the wall; buy a set of lightbulbs (they could be coloured lightbulbs too. Just saying.) and draw patterns on them, box them and give them away.
  15. If you can think of something smart enough to fit, then this is quite cute and . . . well, everyone loves chocolate.

The Really Cool Presents

  1. A party. Obviously, this wouldn’t be a big surprise, or something they could open, but my parents always offer me a party or presents for my birthday and parties are always way more exciting. If you’re a great organizer, you could even do a surprise party.
  2. A complete wardrobe revamp. Any girl would love to walk into their room on Christmas day and see a brand new wardrobe. As long as you know what you’re buying and you keep their old clothes. And the receipts. I’ll do a post on clothes to buy teen girls later.
  3. Redecorate their room. This would be a great surprise – if you convinced them to sleep downstairs for the night and you worked during the night and completely redid the room, I guarantee they would love you. Just saying. I’ll do a post on cute teen room decorating ideas later.
  4. Day trip shopping in Paris with friends. (If you take the Eurostar, you can literally drive into France. It’s so cool.) Offer to pay for them and a friend, or offer to take them to Paris for the day. You could go shopping, or Disneyland Paris.
  5. Buy them a puppy. Puppies are seriously adorable.

Interesting ways to give money as a present

  1. Through “open when . . .” letters. Give a bunch of letters (wrapped up very prettily in a box, right?) with “open when . . . __________” written on and put money into those. Le example: “Open when . . . you’re feeling blue and you want chocolate” and like a pound coin; “Open when . . . you want to go to the cinema” and wehay a tenner. Do you get the gist?
  2. (This one is really cool, let me put this out there) During the night, fill their room with balloons and put money in them. In the morning, they’ll wake up to a really cool surprise. Unless they’re like me and they detest people coming into their room without warning. But that’s only because of mess – tell them to tidy their room and you should be good to go.
  3. Put it in a piggy bank and give it to the recipient.
  4. Put it in a “I’m saving for box”

    (This is a  gift under the Handmade/Personalized section you scrolled past earlier. Shame on you. Go back up.)
  5. In a photo album. You could always mix photos and notes, or an entire photo album of notes to someone (me. You should do that to me. Please.)
  6. Under an umbrella. Buy a nice umbrella, dangle money under it, close the umbrella and attach a note saying “for a rainy day”.
  7. Chocolate box of money!
  8. Like this.

If you have any ideas, or tutorials for handmade gifts you want up here, drop me a comment and I will be more than happy to put them up.

– NEW UPDATED, ALL TOGETHER BETTER VERSION HERE – https://okaaythen.wordpress.com/2014/09/03/300-teen-gift-ideas-the-ultimate-list/

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