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Why, hello there my children. Today’s Blogging 101 post is something that I strongly urge you all to at least think about. It’s something that I’ve always kind of known about (and never bothered to utilise, which I’m sure surprises absolutely nobody because I’m an incredibly lazy blogger) until I started implementing them at work.

See – there are benefits to me having a full time job. Blogging is part of my job description, so I’m paid to learn things that I can then share with you.

Quick catch-up for newbies or people that just want to refresh their memories – so far, Blogging 101 has covered:

However, today’s lesson is about:

Creating Free Infographics!

First of all, though, you may be wondering what exactly are infographics? You’ve probably heard the term slung around and seen the admitedly awesome top-of-the-line graphics that saturate Pinterest – and you’re probably thinking “that’s not relevant to me, but even if it were I couldn’t make them”. Yeah well, as we all often are in this life of ours, you’re wrong.

All infographics are is a way to present data visually. And we all know that human beings prefer to interact with images than text (by the way – how bad is Yahoo search? I typed blogging facts about images in and got Zoella. Brilliant service there. Can’t for the life of me see why Google is overtaking you. Zoella’s blog is all kind of pretty, though, which I didn’t know before so I suppose there’s that) but, although I couldn’t find the exact statistic, audiences are much more likely to engage with your post if there are images. You get it – long blocks of text are boring and pictures are pretty. And easily shared.

Shall we go with a real life example? Okay.

Let’s say we’re talking about a skincare routine. (Heads up – a really good one I read the other day was by Astruewc) – now, if there were no images in a decent skincare routine, you’d kill yourself. Right? I mean, for it to be of a good quality, you need to go fairly in detail about your products and what they do. So it’s going to end up as a fairly clunky amount of text.

Image result for skincare routine infographic

This is an example of a skincare infographic. I stole it off Google. You can see my point, though, right? It’s much more attractive when displayed like this – and, now that your audience is already actively engaged with your pretty images, you can write underneath with less chance of them getting bored and leaving.

Want a real example (as in, where I’ve practiced what I preach)? I’ve made inforgraphics for my About Me and About This Blog page that you will be able to check out in a few days.


So you now know what inforgraphics are and why you want to be using them. Let’s get onto how.

Free Infographic Creating Online Tools

Okay, so I could tell you about the absurdly expensive (okay, for what they do and who they’re aimed at, they aren’t absurdly expensive, but for the vast majority of us at least) packages like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator – but I’m just not going to waste your time. If you use these packages, then you already know that you can use them to create infographics.

  1. Piktochart
    I personally would recommend Piktochart because it’s the one I use most often; they have an incredible amount of selection of free graphics. The templates are pretty limited – but unlike a few other tools I’ve used you can customise literally everything, so your finished product generally doesn’t even look like you’ve used a template.
  2. Canva
    The second tool I use is Canva. A lot of the graphics are pay-per-use (there are decent free ones, but nowhere near the choice Piktochart has) – but the templates are extensive and amazing. It’s also very customisable which is great.
  3. Venngage
    Another good tool; the templates are good, but it’s totally not as customisable, so it’s not my automatic go to, but it deserves a spot on the list.

Okay, so to recap: infographics are great and you most definitely want to start using them in your blog posts. These are 3 of the best online tools that I’ve found that you can sign up and use. Okay, I hope this post was helpful. Let me know if you guys are going to try! And I’m sorry about disappearing a little bit; I’ve been busy setting up a website. (Details coming soon – promise)

15 responses to “{ How To Create FREE Blog Infographics // Blogging 101 }

  1. Wow Mia, thank you so much! I”m so flattered and this makes my day! I actually didn’t see the ping yet in my emails and read this and saw my name, I’ll have to note this post and come back later to take notes, super helpful, thx again! =)

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  2. Amazing blogpost, as usual πŸ˜› We also tagged you in the Versatile Award (Hope you don’t mind) because we simply love your blog!


  3. I’ve made one infographic until now, and I used Canva for it. Thanks for the tips! I’ll definitely think about them next time πŸ™‚

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  4. I’ve never thought of making these! Thanks so much for the information. Love your post about revamping old posts, I’ve had my blog for years and those old posts get more likes than my new ones..


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