35 Unique and Fun Party Themes


Picking a good party theme is probably one of the hardest steps of party planning – it has to be cool, fun, unique, interesting . . .  but still allow everyone to look fabulous and take a ridiculous amount of selfies.

However, today you’re in luck – because I have selected 35 fantastic party themes to make sure your party is the only one worth remembering.

  1. A popular movie themed party. We all know what I am legally obligated to say next, right? Frozen. Or Despicable Me. (All very cute, all very overdone – there are a lot of ideas out there for these choices, though) Other choices include, but are not limited to: Grease,
  2. ALICE IN WONDERLAND! I know this probably should have gone above, but Alice In Wonderland parties are just the best things to grace God’s green earth. Although that is more a sickly shade of grey, as we speak, but I digress.
  3. The 80’s
  4. Or you could throw it back all the way to the 60s
  5. MASQUERADE BALL. Please. Somebody . . . just please.
  6. It’s quite common, but it’s used for a reason – it’s not too difficult and it looks amazing. Black and white!
  7. Different colour mix – why not change it up and go Black and Gold, or Pink and White, or Blue?
  8. Barbie party!
    the balloons and table fabric
  9. Fairytale themed party
  10. Oriental theme (I’m thinking fans, paper lanterns, noodle boxes . . . mmm)
  11. Mexican Celebration! Sombreros, lots of red, piñatas . . . this would be so much fun.
  12. Candyland! I really want a candy themed wedding, if I’m honest. Or at least forty-three candy tables.
  13. Ancient Greece. TOGAS AND KEBABS.
  14. All over the world – come dressed in something from one area of the world. A lot of different, delicious food spread out, possibly some flags . . . the pictures would be worth it.
  15. Hippies Vs Hipsters
  16. American High School Stereotypes – come as a goth, or a cheerleader, or a jock
  18. Murder Mystery . . . oh la la
  19. Call me maybe party -NEveryone simply wears a white shirt with their phone number on it. Have a good time and see if you get some calls.
  20. Neon Jungle. No, not the group – the ridiculously bright colour.
  21. Superheroes!
  22. Angels vs Devils
  23. Scavenger/Treasure Hunt Party
  24. Hawaiian Luau!
  25. High End Casino themed party
  26. Arabian/Eqyptian
  27. Hollywood Theme
  29. Circus theme
  30. Winter Wonderland
  32. Mardi Gras
  33. Lingerie Party/Victoria’s Secret Party
  34. Disco Theme!
  35. American/British Patriotism

10 responses to “35 Unique and Fun Party Themes

  1. Try victorian circus. my cousins 21st was done with this theme and was a great excuse to wear suits, fake mustaches, bright red trousers and top hats if you’re going as a ringmaster


  2. Im turning 11 but I dont want a tween party i want a teen party everything else is so baby-ish. I always have a pool party and Im tired of it and i didnt know what to do! Thanks you helped alot!


    • MASQUERADE. Thats what my best friends having for her sweet sixteenth (although that seems like too much effort for me, but the pictures and the night would be amazing). You could do a party where you all wear an outfit from one of your favourite music videos


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