New Here? Howdy!

Hey, hey, hey!

I mean, I’m guessing that you’re new here, but maybe you’re not. This is, after all, a new page – so maybe you’re an old follower that wants to relive your youth. I don’t know your story, man, live your life.

So, if you’re new or old alike, I would like to take this lovely moment in time to say a big, warm welcome! We’re unbelievably happy to have you here. And by we I mean me and the voices in my head. My name is Mia and they obviously don’t have their own names because . . . they’re not real.  Okay, well we all know that’s a lie.    See, you’re usually precociously logical and cynical; so, yes, you’ve succeeded in being contrary, but you’ve lost your logic. Congrats, love.   If only your analyses of Hamlet were so in depth.   Fuck you too.

You may be wondering exactly what my blog is and who am. Well, there’s probably an About Me page or two floating around, so we don’t really need to get into the misanthropic cynical bundle of fun that is I. It now strikes me how rude it is for me to not include one such example. Silly Mia.

Here’s an About Me page for you, kids! . . . No. There’s not.

However, if this little post isn’t to talk about me (because, yes – there are limits on my narcissism. We’re limited to two instances a day. And, yes, if I miss a day I reserve the rights to have more than two another day. There is a running total.), you may be wondering what it is here for.

Well, sit your pretty ass down with a mug of green tea because it’s time for a story.

The Origin Story Of The Okaaythen You Know Today. Hint: There Are No Dragons.

Once upon a time, in a land far far away . . . there was a blog called Okaaythen.

This blog was set in London, although the blogger behind the blog decided to neglect this little fact and so the blog had no awesome LDN-themed cool shit. This blog was a tiny little home and somewhat crude and somewhat messy. It started off as an online diary, where this mystical unicorn-blogger creature met loads of cool people that (sadly) no longer blog, such as her first Blogging Bestie Alex.

Eventually, however, the blogger stopped blogging. She lost her motivation the way that Cinderella lost her slipper; except there are no Princes in the world of WordPress because . . . well, that would be pretty weird. And so, the laboured metaphor of her glass slipper was never found and returned to her. The now dried up and uncreative blogger shrank back to her natural habitat and slowly watched the world shrivel up and die around her.

And then, one fateful night, an off-handedly written post – Over 100 Gift Ideas For Teens – blew up. It started bringing in hundreds of thousands of viewers and her tiny little online diary got to over half a million views! It was this year, this magical end of 2014 that the blogger returned. She was older, she was . . . well, if we’re honest, she wasn’t any taller, but she was a better blogger. Okaaythen was no longer an online journal where she wrote Tag posts and . . . well, I can’t quite remember what sort of stupidness the blogger used to write, but it existed no longer! Okaaythen was now, for all intents and purposes . . . a blog.

What exactly is the blog though?

Well, I think one of my favourite followers (big up ImAZalfieFanatic) summed it up the best; Okaaythen is just me. Not literally. I am not weird lines of code on a LED screen. As low as my life expectations are, I’m not quite at that level yet.

It’s overall a lifestyle blog, with a little sprinkle of everything. If Okaaythen is a chocolate brownie cheesecake (two slices from Tesco – £2.60; you’re welcome, world), all the different elements of it are what makes it so yummy. We throw it together and call it a cheesecake, but the brownie chunks and chocolate biscuit bases are existent in their own right.

(I have no idea what I’m talking about either, but I’m really craving cheesecake.)

What I love about my little baby is that it grows and changes with me; when I first started, I was uninterested in fashion and beauty, but now my most popular posts are in those categories and I’m an addict. I’ve discovered a new-found love of DIY and London that I’m most definitely going to be posting about. It’s a lifestyle blog and . . . well, I write about things that I love in life. And, for a pessimist, I have an upsettingly optimistic view on pretty much everything from exercise to Buddhism to marches to faux fur coats to jewellery to talking about Hitler and historical documentaries.

And now I’ve started being interested in Politics. I’m curbing that one before it can really start to happen.

So 2016 is the year that I’m going to get serious about blogging. Not blogging for money (although, almighty Internet Lords, I would still love the money.), not blogging for internet fame (because, quite frankly, that sounds fucking horrific), but blogging for myself. Blogging about my life a little bit more; blogging to share my passions and actually allow myself to do them. Because the reason I even have money to burn is because of this blog – so everything I get out, I’m going to put back in.

 Let me give you a sneak preview of what’s coming up, though:

  • London. London, London, London. Winter Wonderland, Oxford Street Shopping (Boxing Day!), Museums, Theatre Shows, Restaurants . . . Everything!
  • Fashion. Lots of it.
  • Beauty.
  • Hair. Journey. 2k16.
  • Cooking.
  • DIY
  • Classes
  • Nails
  • Artsy Things.

So, my dearest darlings, stick around for the ride!