{ OOTD – I’m Sure You Stole That From Tumblr // Fashion }

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Good intentions, bad outcomes πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ˆ . . . . .

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In case you were incredibly obtuse and missed it, that’s my Instagram. Follow it. No, like, seriously. It’s one button and it’s right there. I’m not asking you to donate bone marrow.

Hi guys!

It’s that time again . . . an OOTD post! I’m so excited to finally be able to bring you one – I know; for someone who considers one of their main categories to be fashion, I do a bloody good job of avoiding it. Well, I’m here now!

This OOTD is just a basic summer-to-Autumn outfit for when British weather is doing what it does best and being bloody ridiculous. Don’t look at me like that; you all know what I mean. One day it’s absolutely pouring with rain, it gets dark at 5pm and you have to layer up more than a wedding cake – and the next it’s beach weather. When getting dressed at 6am for work, this is incredibly irritating. Just saying.

 So, as I honestly just don’t have much to say about this outfit other than that I was really feeling the french braids, I’m just going to catch you up on my life a little bit.

Don’t I look so confused? Doesn’t it look like I’m trying my hardest to be happy, but ending up being moderately satisfied and trying to play it off?

Yeah, well you’re reading too much into a picture. I never said I was a fucking model. God, there’s judgement everywhere. Everyone’s a critic.

Anyways, that’s enough of my train induced negativity (look at me utilising the WordPress app like a good blogger. It’s all a lie. And it doesn’t even automatically capitalise sentences. I’m incredibly frustrated.) – time for the life catch up I promised. As we all know, I started my Apprenticeship last month (first month down – woo!) and I actually got paid yesterday. I currently love it. For once, I don’t hate Mondays; my days go by incredibly quickly and . . . I get money to buy pretty things.

And great work experience, qualifications, opportunity to move up within the company . . . But more on materialism; this is an OOTD post.  

(And a capitalist society. Sell your soul, kids, it’s worth more in China anyway.)

I’m drawing a blank for everything else. Am I real? Do I exist? What is life – what is identity?

I think we should just stop this train wreck here. I hope you enjoyed this OOTD and you have a brilliant week.

And that you followed me on Instagram, because those widgets aren’t just there for decoration. 

25 responses to “{ OOTD – I’m Sure You Stole That From Tumblr // Fashion }

  1. Love love love it…so humorous and interesting and your ootd looks fab. I wish I were on instagram(I know I am missing out on all the fun.) I would have happily followed you !! Xx ❀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. i would follow you on insta if i had one, but my mum dont even trust me with a normal phone!!you’re really pretty!!ugh yeah british weather-the confusement of the world!!i sometimes think the sky just stares at everyone when theyre caught by the weather unawares and fucking cracks up laughing at our pathetic-ness:))byeexx

    Liked by 2 people

    • haha fair enough! ughhhhhh have you seen it the past two days like yesterday you rained on me and today I caught a tan?? r u ok?? and thank you lovely so are youπŸ’– and I agree but I think it’s God that’s laughing x

      Liked by 1 person

      • exactly!!even today, it was windy in the morining when i had to do the usual 20 min wait at the bus stop, then, when we had to do the school bithday parade rehearsals we do every year for school birthday, it had to be boiling!!yeahh, im good thnx:) aww YW<3 ohh yeahh lol thats also a possibility!


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