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This is a PR welcome blog.

For any PR enquiries please email: .

All PR sponsored posts will be marked in the title with an *.  All product reviews will be written in my honest opinion, and reviews will be based on how the product worked for me personally.

5 responses to “PR / Contact Me

  1. Hi Mia! I am totally new to the blogging world and would love to have some advice from an experienced blogger. How do I gain viewers and make my blog more lively?

    Look forward to hearing from you! Take a look at my blog if you have some time. Its really short since I started yesterday lmao

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    • Haha hi! I just did a post about blog branding and design so I’d check that out first because your blog design is the first thing…to gain viewers just network and produce content 🙂 I’ll check out your blog when I get back on my laptop x

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      • i do my own drawings, but if you wanted illustrative style and you cant draw them you can always hire people (most charge like £10 for a header or £20 for a complete blog’s worth of graphics) on etsy 🙂

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