{ I Ate Clean For Two Weeks And These Are The Results! ft. Nutribuddy** }

My laptop is broken. I know that’s a weird way to jump into this and in some ways I’m sorry (not many, but a good two and maybe even a half more) but I just wanted to start off with an explanation for my not-as-consistent-as-I’d-like activity on here. My laptop’s broken and I have stolen my Grandma’s for an hour or so.

She’s great. And she can hold a plank for like three minutes. I struggle to do 30 seconds. Yes, that was all entirely irrelevant.

Okay, so we remember my first thoughts on NutriBuddy, right? Well, I am now happy to present to you my two week later before and after results!

 wp-1469103477926.jpg  wp-1469103477921.jpg

As you can see, it kind of cut out all the excess fat and left me a bit more toned. I’m especially pleased with stomach area, where I’m starting to see definition and – shock, horror – hipbones.


Hipbones? What are these mythical hipbones?

So, to cut a long story short, the power of healthy eating is real. Cutting out junk food and getting your three meals a day with correct portion sizes – and correct nutrients – makes a pretty dramatic difference. I haven’t made any changes to my non-existent exercise schedule or anything else other than cleaning up my eating habits and I’ve had visible results in only 14 days.

A massive thank you to Nutri-Buddy for sending me the 14-Day Kit – if you want to lose weight, tone up or just feel healthier I would definitely recommend purchasing their products from their site here! Do you guys have any healthy dieting tips or things you do to stay on the wagon?

Okay, folks that’s it for today!

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53 responses to “{ I Ate Clean For Two Weeks And These Are The Results! ft. Nutribuddy** }

      • To be honest, I don’t really need a break because my eating clean basically just means not snacking and making a conscious effort to eat better. So if I’m out and I’m like … I want that burger I’ll eat it but I’ll go home and have something healthy and I won’t have another one for a while if that makes sense. I don’t really like dieting because it makes me crave the food I’m cutting out more so I just followed the plan and had a whey shake when I had the urge to snack and if I did have the overwhelming urge for junk food when it was mealtime (which didn’t happen very often surprisingly) I would have a some but I wouldn’t overdo it 🙂


    • Thank you so much! So they include a booklet with recipes and meal plans which I loosely followed (but I wasn’t sure about copyright so I didn’t want to post recipes that are in a paid for kit) but I don’t home cook every meal no – to be honest, I view it less as a diet and like “you can’t eat that” and more as a guide to getting into better habits; so they have hunger suppressant tablets that you take an hour before meals to make you don’t overindulge, so even if you do go out for a meal you can get what you want without overdoing it. In terms of food, my main issue was that I don’t consistently eat 3 meals a day and I snack constantly between so this plan really helped me to cut out all that junk with the whey shake that you drink as a substitute to snacking. So i didn’t follow it too strictly in terms of everyday salad etc but I more used to get into the habit of eating healthy meals with healthy sizes and cutting out snacks and then once you get into the habit you tend to make better choices in terms of your food so…I’m not if this made any sense sorry xD

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    • Thank you! If you check the first impressions post, I kind of show you the recipe booklet that they give you with a suggested meal plan and I followed that but to be honest I just gave up snacks and things that were obviously unhealthy and make a conscious effort to eat meals with more fruit and veg, smaller portions and 3 a day 🙂 and yes they do ship to the US 🙂

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  1. holy crapola! TWO WEEKS?!?! thats amazing. I just started an experiment using herbalife but after seeing your results maybe I should incorporate clean eating as well. I mean two weeks is honestly….nothing. *next week I post a video where I cry into the camera while eating a whole pint of haagen-dazs* lol. Awesome results!

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  2. Am I jealous? Urm yes! You have ultimate figure goals! Well actually everything goals but seriously i wish i looked as great as you ♡ xxx

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  4. You look great!! Although I don’t struggle much with my weight, I would like to be more toned and have an overall healthier lifestyle. Some days/weeks I will be good at exercising and eating right and other days/weeks I will just forget about it… and that endless cycle basically continues, lol. I always thought things like the Nutribuddy were gimmicks, but seeing the results on you..they obviously aren’t! I should try it out!


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