{ My 3 Orphan Black Cosima Inspired Looks }

Yeah, yeah, I know. Orange Is The New Black. The new season’s dropped; I must drop everything to watch it in its entirety; have my soul Netflix.


Orphan Black is where my heart truly lies. With all the clones and Tatiana Maslany’s infallible acting performances . . . and that scene.

Even suburban soccer mums can be drug lords. Don’t give up on your dreams. Oh, and creepy scientists trying to play God by playing with genetics and DNA are generally to be avoided. These are the important lessons I’ve taken away from this series.

Although I have love for all the Orphans and Felix and Mrs. S and Paul and . . . okay, well basically everyone that isn’t Cal because God he bores me, my absolute soul animal is Cosima. My dread-wearing, hippie genius.

She’s an absolute goddess. I adore her. Her hair, her style, her attitude – it’s all amazing.

As are clone dance parties, but I suppose now isn’t the time.

With my new braided look and my predisposition towards hippy clothing, I was feeling some strong Cosima vibes – so I decided to run with it and make a lookbook!

Look 1 – “Right now is the time to resist our predisposition to impulsive behaviour”

One of the things I love about Cosima’s style is that she always looks so comfortable. She’s often in knitted fabrics, so I paired my knitted kimono (and you’re right – it wasn’t in my Kimono Collection post. I have three new additions. You should be both excited and proud.) with my ripped jeans, sat my ass on my kitchen counter and drank myself a mug of green tea.

Look 2 – “You won the experiment. You won science. You’re a scientist now.”

At this point, I was having way too much fun to take serious photos, so I just went with it. Side note: I let Amber from Babygirl Blues do my makeup and I regret nothing.

20160618_150315 20160618_150418



Yes, Cosima has been known to wear kimonosLike I said – spirit. Animal.

Look 3 – “One day, I’ll get you completely baked


I love this outfit because it’s just so damn lazy. Tracksuit bottoms, a slouchy top and pretty layered bralets? Count me in. Also, my top has a patch with a peace sign with “Everything is OK” embroidered under it, which I feel is really important.


I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I got a nose piercing! Anyways, that about wraps up this post. No surprise last outfits, or words of wisdom. Not even a spontaneous rant about the fact that my favourite couple on Being Human got together and it was such a disappointment that my soul curled up and died.

Well, maybe a little rant. But they had so little time together, why was it so wasted? Why was there no chemistry? Why did they jump to disgustingly boring insta-love? Where did the passion between them go? So many questions, so little answers.

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28 responses to “{ My 3 Orphan Black Cosima Inspired Looks }

  1. OH, MY GOD!! I LOVE ORPHAN BLACK!! Cosima is such an awesome character although personally I think Helena is the best… she is so funny! Alison is great too! And Tatiana Maslany is like the greatest actress that has ever lived, she is such an inspiration to me! I also loved Paul… … … 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  2. you know how you just commented on my blog and weirdly liked Impractical Jokers too? well I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ORPHAN BLACK! I never find people who love this show but it is literally the best! And your outfits are spot on 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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