{ Liquefied Angel Dust – AKA Elizabeth Arden Miracle Oil Review }

** Disclaimer: I was sent this product in very pretty shiny packaging in exchange for an honest review. When I am sent things, I do review them honestly (and a few things have come back with negative ones too) but just letting you know! **

Jesus Christ, man, I just hate this product.


As you can probably guess from the title, I’m completely joking. I wanted to (I don’t even know why, but I did) and actually expected to dislike this product, but . . .

Look, I’m wrong often enough that it doesn’t come as a surprise anymore.

 You may be wondering why I was so shocked that this product worked for me – and that’s because my skin type is oily and this is . . . well, it’s called Miracle Oil, so I’m sure you can guess what’s inside. Now, adding facial oils to oily skin is usually like fighting fire with fire in that the only thing unpredictable about the result is quite how horrific it’s going to get.

 How can I articulate how much I was wrong? Well, let’s just say that if Drake – Right Hand was on YouTube you’d be getting an embedded video.

So I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and have gathered myself a few thoughts to share with you. Which means that first we’re going to squeal over the pretty packaging and my unboxing photos, then we’re going to read my initial thoughts and then we’re going to compare them to my final thoughts.

20160217_122428 20160217_122619

My initial thoughts went like this:

  • What have I ordered now and is it okay if I keep the packaging?
  • Oh, crap, it’s oil. I clearly didn’t read the email properly. Well, just fucking great, Mia – add that to the collection of products you can’t use then. Idiot.
  • At least I can put a funny negative review up.
  • Isn’t Elizabeth Arden expensive? I feel like it’s expensive.
  • Wait, does this say an all over oil? Oh hell no; if it’s heavy enough to go on my hair this ish aint touching my face.
  • Oh, no, it’s okay it’s for white hair. I might be okay. Well here goes even relatively clear skin . . .
  • It’s a spray? Brilliant! *Gingerly sprays onto fingers* I love that it sprays so that I don’t end up with too much on my face.
  • Ohmygod, it smells divine. Even if it burns my face like acid and I end up melted like that hero-turned-villain in Batman, I will so use this on my hair.
  • Okay, this isn’t too heavy. It actually feels . . . well, it feels pretty amazing.
  • So far this is pretty untraumatic. I’m not sure if I’m impressed or disappointed.
  • You’re so weird.

Now, after a few weeks of use, my final thoughts are:

  • Just a pretty much amazing product.
  • Makes my skin feel beautiful and gives it a really airbrushed feel.
  • Great protection against the elements
  • Improves the quality of your skin with use.
  • The smell is just amazing.
  • Does actually give your hair a nice shine without weighing it down or making it greasy.

All in all, I absolutely loved this product. I’m not sure if it would be perfect for dry skin, purely because if it’s not too oily for oily skin it might not be heavy enough for dry skin, but aside from that I would wholeheartedly recommend pretty much anyone giving it a try!

If you want to buy it or just be nosy and check out some other reviews on it, you can find it here for £29!

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19 responses to “{ Liquefied Angel Dust – AKA Elizabeth Arden Miracle Oil Review }

  1. great post!!plus, i am in LOVE with your blog, like the content and the look, and everything and yeah, im maybe a little mental, your prob thinking that lolXxx

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  2. Oh my god I’m exactly the same as you. I want to hate products because I feel that anything I’ve reviewed on my blog so far has been positive so I WANT to hate something haha. Definitely need to check this oil out x

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