{ Witchy / Spiritual Room Inspiration }

Look, who here doesn’t want to be a witch? Because, if that’s you, then you need to sit down and have a long, hard look at your life.

I mean, my entire life I have aspired to be a witch. When I was younger, I had let’s be real here; you still have this an obsession with magic. Not card tricks – nope, that was just a separate obsession altogether. I entirely blame that on my weird magician fantasy; top hats and tuxedos? It is not through inexperience that those men learn to use their wands.  But that’s a whole separate can of crazy; let’s stick with our original point. No, when I was younger, I both loved and strongly believed in magic.

To a point, I suppose I still do. My world view is very much more mystical than I guess it should be in this day and age of science and logic, but I just see the world as a magical place. You can argue with me – it won’t be much of an argument as I’ll concede to the logic of your statement and then throw glitter in your face – but it won’t change anything. The heart wants what the heart wants and, in this case, the heart wants to be free to snort at the idea that the fact that life itself is anything short of magical.

It’s a very little, twisted and slightly malfunctioning heart, but it’s mine.

So you may be asking: “Why Mia, if you so badly want to be a witch – well, why have you not already?”. And to that I would reply – because who has the time? Then you would probably refer to my bed-inhabiting body and say that I do, and then we’d argue.

So, in the effort of avoiding all of that unnecessary drama, how about we just skip onto the cool room inspiration?

herbal kitchen magic <3:

(Sc: Pinterest)

Wall stuff. #bohemian #style:

(Sc: Pinterest)

Oh. My. Gosh. What an amazing sacred space! I hope to have something like this someday soon! (Wicca Gatherings):

(Sc: Pinterest)

My Dream House (Room #1 – Bedroom) | Okaaythen.:

(Sc: Pinterest)


(Sc: Pinterest)

Now, because I love both you and internet shopping, I think it’s time to show you all the cool things you can put in your witchy/spiritual room!

bedroom witchy spiritual tarot cards tapestry

Tapestry #1 – £12 / Tapestry #2 – £13

witchy bedroom interior ideas

#1 – Gold Skull // #2 – Black Photoboard // #3 – Flower Tea-Lights // #4 – Sacred Geometry Pillow // #5 – Terrarium Jewellery Holder // #6 – Three-Tier Jewellery Holder // #7 – Floral Garland // #8 – Palmistry Handbook // #9 – Crystal Lamp

So today’s post was originally called { Witchy / Spiritual Room Inspiration & Manifestations } because my 2016 manifestations are the inspiration behind this post. If you’re not sure what manifestations are, then congratulations – you’re a normal human being. It’s not one of those things that everyone knew about and forgot to tell you; most people have no clue what I’m talking about and don’t believe in it once you tell them anyway. Personally, I 100% believe in manifestations and have had them work for me; so if you would like a post explaining them in detail – just let me know in the comments. Well, kids, that’s it for today. Don’t you go buying yourself wands now.


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