2016 Weekly Wrap Up #2 / 52 { & What’s Coming Up Next Week!/Lumiere Festival/Death Of A Bachelor }

My entire week became overshadowed when Brendan Urie leaked his album early.

God dammit. I wanted to tell you guys about how creative I actually managed to be this week, as way of apology for my lack of posting, but . . . Panic! At The Disco. *Dramatically dies*

Yes. It is that deep. I love Panic. So there goes the “what I’m listening to” section of this week, I suppose.

What I’ve Listened To This Week:

The entire Death Of A Bachelor album. Because it’s beautiful. Brendan Urie’s voice is my life. 

I need to put a Panic! At The Disco concert on my bucket list.

Right-erm, back to the intro.

This week I have actually sorted a lot of things out, rather than done anything. Wait. That sounded way more productive in my head. Okay, I have done things, but I’ve got myself organised as well. Okay? Don’t panic – I haven’t given in to my dreams of hibernation yet.

So, January is my month of “getting started” – my month to gather up my supplies, make my plans, settle into new routines. I’m halfway through and this is what has been done in terms of setting up this week:

  •  My new room is very close to being complete – I need to purchase a few pillows, maybe another box or two and finish off a little meditation space, but it is mainly done.
  • I have now bought all of my DIY equipment for my Etsy store . . . posts coming soon!
  • Finally put some of my old stuff up on Ebay – if any of you guys fancy catching any deals, just check out what’s selling here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/middmjmmi I’ve got some nice room decor, clothes and a random pile of books among other things.
  • Finally got my inspiration book together.

What I Did This Week

I mean, I went to college (I do not care – that is an achievement. College is very long and, often, pointless.) but the main thing I did this week was go to the Lumiere Festival! If you’re not sure what this is, it’s essentially an art exhibit on the streets of London that was open from Thursday until tonight.

These are the only two features my best friend Leila and I found, as it was cold, a little anti-climatic and we were having fun eating noodles and having bubbles blown in our face at Hamley’s.

20160115_183540 20160115_175148 20160115_181130 20160115_183331 20160115_183722 20160115_192320

Now, the lights and the general gorgeousness of London’s streets was then completely overshadowed by the perfection of Leila and I’s masterpieces.


We had a sleepover at mine, baked brownies, put sugar waffles on them and nutella with ice cream on that.

And it was delicious.

Pretty good way to spend a Friday night, if you ask me.

What Creative Things Have I Done This Week

Ha ha, motherfuckers that don’t think New Years Resolutions are legit – I’ve actually done stuff towards mine!

You know that awkward moment when you think you’ve been majorly successful and totally turned your life around, but then you realise that the sum of all your “success” is two pieces you consider not even subpar?

Yeah, that.


I got bored in English and decided to branch out and draw trees. Get it? I’m sorry. Whatever – I give up on this section. Let’s move onto:

What’s Coming Up Next Week

So, as a way to completely overcompensate for the lack of fashion, beauty or just general lifestyle things that you guys seem to love – you’re going to be flooded with it in this up and coming week! We have:

  • My jacket collection (because it’s getting cold out here – which is weird because you’d think it would be colder in December, but no) and coat wishlist.
  • All the beautiful accessories I may or may not have gone over the top in buying. Just saying – I have not one, but three kawaii bags. And no regrets.
  • A DIY. It’s a surprise what it will be.
  • My New Haircare Routine My Curls Love Me For. Hey – look at whose gone and got herself a post title all ready.
  • Jewellery collection.

Okay, now I could apologise for this post – but I feel like you’ve gotten used to this week’s terrible content quality. Don’t worry; tomorrow will be better.

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14 responses to “2016 Weekly Wrap Up #2 / 52 { & What’s Coming Up Next Week!/Lumiere Festival/Death Of A Bachelor }

  1. What are those balloon light things in the sky called? (I know that just sounded stupid) those are really cool though so I had to find a way to describe them without… Well, NOT describing them? Ehhh… I’m not making much sense right now (too much coffee) but I think you know what I mean.

    Liked by 1 person

    • you know, i have absolutely no idea what they’re called, im really sorry x_x and yes…i definitely feel you with the too much coffee – but i keep wanting to comment on your blog and it doesnt seem to have a comment feature (at least on phone) 😦


      • Ahhhh okay, I will call them colorful awesomes lol. Not sure why the comment box doesn’t show up on your phone. It shows up fine on mine I just checked. Plus the theme I use is has mobile optimization


      • hehehe ^.^ do you have wordpress comments or is it…i think its called disqus (where you have to write in your email and stuff before you can comment) – i was just checking anyway ’cause some people dont allow comments; i can just check on my laptop 😀


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