I love these posts because they’re just so lazy – there’s no deep, emotional inspiration behind them, there’s just . . . a mirror.

So I lied on the title; the first story is from Saturday, because Sunday was just terrible weather and who wants to dress nicely to go out in the rain? Unless it’s some kind of fun or romantic adventure, then I’m all for it. The motive, however, was sunbathing.

(The image that flashed for a measly second due to my terrible video editing skills is this one, by the way)



But moving on . . .

My first outfit of the day was acid wash dungarees and a black crop top because . . . some days let loose your inner Grunge Queen. Actually, let’s be honest, my inner Grunge Queen was released when I used my shoelaces as a belt. I regret nothing.

IMG_3872 IMG_3874 IMG_3878 IMG_3879 IMG_3881


My makeup was a lot more dewy than usual, but I had an attempt at contouring. (And, yes, my eyeliner fucked up. But you know what – puppies die. And when you put that into perspective I think we can allow my eyeliner mistakes)
IMG_3861 IMG_3862

Okay, that was Saturday . . . this is today!

IMG_3934 IMG_3940 IMG_3941


Okay, so today’s outfit was more vintage-ish; I just love the jacket so much I had to try it on and then promptly remove it because it’s fucking 24 degrees. (The jacket and nose ring are actually things I bought from my last mini haul, which is here) I’ve been loving my little lace crop top underneath other tops (as I told y’all here) and tying laces around my jeans as my waist is too small for belts. I’m not even joking. I paired it with my boyfriend jeans that I absolutely hated until last week when I realised . . . they’re beautiful and I can recreate things like this with them:

My makeup was pretty much the same as usual, except I managed to actually do my eyebrows – and, dare I say, properly – and I used the beautiful thing that is brown eyeliner.

IMG_3945 IMG_3950  IMG_3975  IMG_3995

Brown eyeliner doesn’t actually photograph very well, but I find it really lightens your eyes (mine are brown and dark) and it suits my skin tone a lot more than black. My eyebrows both shocked and encouraged me; as someone who never  touches her eyebrows (they’re thick and black. Two things that make filling them in absolutely impossible) it went quite well and I’m actually going to do a How-To post for any other strugglers out there.



Anyways, my little makeup adventures in the recent warm weather have led me to realise that I need to get hold of some items ASAP.

Anyways, this was a really quick post to just share some outfits and faces I been trying out; my Snapchat stories may feature more in posts to come (they’re, um . . . they’re really something) and I hope you enjoyed reading.


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