How Fashion And Beauty Bloggers Can Make Money – A List Of All My Affiliate Programs

Okay, so who here has heard of affiliate programs? If you’re a blogger and you’re interested in making money (without needlessly spamming your readers) you probably have. But, if you haven’t, I love you all and would be quite happy to share with you.

affiliate programs for fashion and beauty bloggers

Affiliate programs are basically an advertising scheme for bloggers; instead of hosting annoying ads that your viewers don’t particularly want to see, you can advertise specific products and deals and – if anyone purchases through your link – you receive a small commission of usually 5-10%. Now, this is quite useful for makeup and beauty bloggers because, when they post a review, they can just add a link to the product they’re reviewing and, if anyone buys it, they receive a little money.

And, because your readers won’t read or click or even be interested if you’re just endlessly spamming them, it doesn’t really effect the quality of your writing. (See, you’re not a sell-out. It’s okay!) Also, you have to individually sign up for each program, so you only really pick the sites you like.

Now, because I love you all, I’m going to include a list of all the sites I’m an affiliate for, so you can either check them out, or join them: (A lot of these are really easy to get into, so you don’t need to worry about your blog following or anything like that)




Carnet de Mode

Obey Clothing



Luna Jai








Custom Ink

Emazing Lights

PS I Adore You

Feel Foxy




Beauty & Health


Gorgeous Shop












Laura Geller Beauty

Catalase Now





H M Samuel



Lola Rose

Kate Hewko Designer Fashion Jewellery


Heavenly Treasures

Joseph Nogucci

Gloss Jewellery

1928 Jewellery Co.

Milky Way Jewellery




Daisy London Jewellery; inspired by the carefree nature of the daisy Daisy jewellery embodies health, wellness and spirituality.




Old Time Candy Company


Book By You


Printer’s Studio




So I hoped this helped! Don’t forget to share (Pinterest is Queen) and check some of these places out!

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5 responses to “How Fashion And Beauty Bloggers Can Make Money – A List Of All My Affiliate Programs

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  2. When did you start doing these affiliate programmes? I would love to do them however because I have just started out I don’t have many views or followers – Would this effect my eligibility? Thank you xo
    p.s yes I am still stalking 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • my stalk has just begun…face masks i see (and brighton – which is so cool; i love brighton!). this is most probably going to be a long answer, so I apologise in advance…
      I started affiliate programmes last year in about June, I think? I’d definitely start now if I were you (or don’t if you don’t want to, idk man like that sounded so final and serious and it’s really not) but basically if you start using links now you’ll see your earnings grow as your blog grows and it kind of gets you used to it and you’ll be able to tell what your readers engage with. (So, for ShopStyle collective, my wishlist posts bring in like £4-5 per post over time – Pinterest. If you don’t have it; GET IT. Or at least include good images people can pin, because wishlists get SHARED. This was so irrelevant even I’m losing track of the point).
      The good thing about affiliate programmes is that you aren’t paid until you earn it – so they lose no money through you signing up. Literally all that can happen is that they gain. Most of the time, they don’t even check your site out. This however changes if you go to direct retailers (so for example if you wanted to be an affiliate for Nike or something from the brand site they would check and handpick their affiliates) – probably something to do with marketing, but I’m not exactly sure.
      If you’re interested in affiliate programmes, I also earn a little off: and rakuten linkshare . For a small blogger (especially for beauty and fashion) SHOPSTYLE COLLECTIVE is very beneficial the first few months. I’m sorry this was such a difficult to follow answer… if you have any questions feel free to be like “Mia this part made no sense – HELP” xo

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      • Hahaha this was so helpful! I read this with no stops I literally felt breathless once done… and I was only reading in my head ahaha I can see all the likes in my notifications! I love it! Btown is great place! I will try the ones you have suggested! Thank you soooooooooo much! Thy definition of bae! 😛 xxx


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