The Vampire Diaries

I’m a Vampire Diaries fan. Have I mentioned this? I feel like I’ve mentioned this. I probably haven’t mentioned this. Well there it is. (Fan of the show, not the books . . . oh, God, the books are bad.)




*Cue the Stefan lovers and their ‘but you obviously haven’t watched series 1 and 2 then!’s* Which – by the way – yes I have. Matter of fact, I stopped watching TVD at the end of series 2 because I got bored of Stefan. He’s hot (yes, yes he is, nom.) but brooding is not cool. Being boring is not cool. REPEATING THE SAME STORYLINES OVER AND OVER IS NOT COOL.

Then series 3 came out and . . . well the rest is history. AND DELENA IS HAPPENING.


Right, everyone is probably going to shout at me for this but come on. I promise to explain my reasons, guys, so come to the dark side. We have Damon Salvatore.

These are just some points that always seem to come up; apparently Damon stole Katherine, the fact Damon apparently schemed to get his brother’s girl and how Elena still loves Stefan.

First off: STEFAN GOT KATHERINE. Katherine only ever loved Stefan and she told Damon that after Damon waited centuries for her.

Second: HE DIDN’T STEAL HIS BROTHER’S GIRL. Damon is always fighting his love for Elena, right? Watch the show and you’ll see that. Sure, he might occasionally slip, but he isn’t constantly hitting on her. Point in case:

Third: ELENA LOVES DAMON MORE. Watch the show, yeah. Even Stefan knows that Elena loves Damon.

Also, I have an issue. The sire bond.


They basically gave us what we’ve been waiting for since . . . well, since series bloody one. Actually, I think that was just me . . . Actually (damn, that word was used twice) I remember, in series 1, I didn’t care who Elena ended up with, because I thought they were both awesome. Then Damon started changing and Stefan started . . . being Stefan (brooding, meh). While Damon was getting better and everyone was like “ERGMAGAWD”

Series 2 (with the exception of Rose, who I loved) was a big fat MEH.


If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s repetitive storylines. And series two had them. Looking back on it, I can see they were nescessary (a foundation for series 3) but still not fun. However (for me) series 2 is when Delena really starts kicking off. And – in one of the last few episodes – this happens:

Which leads to a very . . . complicated series three, in which there is some very nice scenes. Then Stefan comes back and realises that there is something between our Delena (AHAHAHAHA BEAT THAT BRO.) And, you know, there is a storyline, but hey. Not important. But then they kind of crush my heart. With this:


But – to be honest – I kind of expected it. Because (and you have to understand the whole concept of Elena to really wrap your head around it) Elena can’t choose Damon. It goes against everything the character Elena is about; Elena is the kind, compassionate, nice one. She’s the anti-Katherine. The one that refuses to come between the two brothers – she openly loves Stefan, so she won’t hurt him by loving Damon. Especially when they’re still together, which – at this point – they are. Because for her to do anything else, she’s have to act like Katherine. And – basically – not Elena.

And also, she was still in love with Stefan at this point. A guy she’s been with for ages, who’s helped her through loads and who she’s basically gone through hell to get back. That might have something to do with it. But there were still definite feelings for Damon – as she has admitted throughout series 3. So, yeah, that made me sad for a while then I thought about and was like: but wouldn’t we hate Elena if she went for Damon?

She’d basically be abandoning everyone she knew. She’d be cheating on her long-term boyfriend. She’d be cheating on said boyfriend with his brother. There are other reasons.

But mainly I consoled myself with the knowledge that she loved Damon (quite obviously) and that they would fix everything in series 4.

Which they did. And they did it the right way. Because the only really acceptable way is for Elena to break up with Stefan first. Otherwise, I would be over the moon, ridiculously happy . . . but I would be like ridiculously sad for Stefan. And Damon (who loves his brother) wouldn’t forgive himself and would probably do something stupid, like kill Elena’s brother. Again.

But Stefan and Elena broke up.

Which – I’m not going to lie – made me really sad (yes, I know I ship Delena, but Stefan and Elena – in moments like that – I remember why they were so good). But then I realised what it meant. Damon.



It started off great and I was ridiculously happy, then BAM. They managed to ruin it. Thankyou. But I still think their love is real; it was there before; it’s there after. (Also, we find out the sire bond cannot change or encourage feelings sexual or emotional via TWO SOURCES and our own brains – look at Klaus’s lot) Also, (if we’re going there) WHY WASN’T SHE ALL OVER DAMON BEFORE THAT EPISODE?! Huh? She wasn’t. She was still Elena. So no, while that made me ridiculously pissed for a while, I thought about it and went:


Look, look, look, I can’t explain the Vampire Diaries in one entry – this isn’t even cutting it close. The show isn’t even just about Damon, Elena and Stefan. There’s a whole cast of important people. (And shit loads of dead people, the Mystic Falls cemetery must be overflowing . . . hopefully there won’t be a zombie apocalypse any time soon.)

Watch it. You won’t regret it.




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