Snow. You know that white stuff that falls out the sky?


I hate to sound anything like Bella Swan, but ew. Unless you’re at school when it starts snowing, then it is allowed. But seriously; WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE IT SO MUCH?! I think it’s some sort of mind control or secret racism – ooooooh, look white stuff! White stuff is good!

Exactly the sort of thinking that leads girls to swallow.

Or maybe people like snow because “it’s fun”. HOW IS GETTING COLD, WET, WHITE STUFF ALL OVER YOU FUN? (Wet and white, paha) And – this ones mainly for girls – HAIR? I have the unfortunate curse of mixed-race hair and I swear snow is basically the sky’s way of planting a secret bomb on me. It melts . . . and frizzes. Oh, the joys.

Maybe that’s the governments way of trying to force us to buy more Christmas stuff. It is snowing; ie it is Christmas. Leave your nice warm houses and spend your hardearned money on stupid cards nobody cares about and assorted decorations that will set your Christmas tree alight and kill you. Ho ho ho. Or they could be trying to make an army of kids. “Hey kiddiwinks, we’ll make it snow for you;)’


OMG. That’s basically a pedo’s opening line. I have officially just aided pedophaila. Great. Ew.

With that, I think I’m going to casually move away from this topic, cry in a corner and avoid watching tv for a few days…

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