Over 300 Teen Girl Gift Ideas – The ULTIMATE List – UK Edition

So, we all remember this list’s predecessors, right? How could we forget the posts that, in certain months, drive over 8,000 daily views to my humble abode? We couldn’t. It just wouldn’t be right.

Well, I’ve decided to get a headstart this year – and start writing my gift guide in May. Don’t look at me like that. It’s still going to be published months after I start. That just means it will be better and full of more useful content – which means you will be provided with great, meaningful, unique presents that teens all over the world will love. (Also, if anyone has any ideas they’d like me to add, or areas they’d like me to expand just drop a comment.)


The aim for this year is to present presents (see what I did there?) that teenagers that don’t like presents will love, presents that teenagers who don’t know what they want, who are emo or tomboyish, who are overly girly or on their phone 24/7, who – well, the point is, it doesn’t matter who they are; there’s something here for everyone. And I’ve even arranged it into loads of pretty little categories so you don’t have to skim through over 500 lines of text. Aren’t I a helpful cookie?

By the way, I actually have my own store (yes, this is shameless self-advertisement for an entire line. I’m terrible. How on earth do I live with myself?) so check it out – http://www.zazzle.co.uk/okaaythen and an little store specifically for teen girls because . . . well, I hand picked everything, which is herehttp://astore.amazon.co.uk/okaaythen-21 so head on over.

And, in this new edition, vague presents – clothes, CDs, DVDs – come equipped with a handy mini-store widget. This is basically where I built a personal wishlist for this items that you can peruse and buy. So, instead of just telling you to buy DVDs, I now have a lovely widget telling you exactly what DVDs I would recommend.

So, without further ado, let’s get onto the list! (Can you tell I’m writing this at 1am? I feel like you can tell…)

Le Tableu de Content

  • Generic Gifts (in increasing value – upto £5, upto £15, upto £25, upto £50, upto £100 and £100+)
  • The Jesus-Christ-When-You’re-Old-And-Senile-I’ll-Make-Sure-Your-Nurses-Are-All-Hot-And-Wear-Short-Tight-Uniforms level gifts that will get you in your teen’s good books . . . forever – GIFT BOXES
  • Presents on the cheap – this section is a MUST LOOK AT; it can save you so much money without forfeiting any quality and (for those of you that dread it) no DIY. Woo!
  • DIY Done Right
  • Interesting ways to give money that won’t seem like you just forget about getting them a gift
  • Gift cards
  • Brands teens love
  • My Favourite Things – wishlists, favourite stores etc, for a bit of inspiration from a teen to another. (There are also other people’s wishlists here too, so there

Generic Gifts

By generic gifts, I don’t mean “ugh, so boring and overdone – everyone has heard of these”; I mean generically pleasing. Whether you hate Hula Hoops or love Kit-Kats, (Hula hoops the crisps. Nobody could hate Hula Hoop the toys. If you do, you’re probably a terrorist. Then again, how could you hate the crisps? Seriously, stay away from me, you strange and slightly scary person.) these gifts (should) make you a happy duck.

Please still use your common sense though.

I wouldn’t want to be responsible for a teen throwing an offensive gift at your head, and it somehow ending in your unfortunate demise. Well, I wouldn’t mind – as long as there was no legal proof. So, in very clear grey writing, please try to keep in mind who you’re buying for.


Up to £5 

I created an aStore specifically for presents under £5 – as we’re going to be very familiar with aStores by the end of this post let me quickly explain what they are. They are basically a mini online store that’s filled with items I’ve personally selected off of Amazon and grouped together for quick viewing – so instead of having to read through all my ideas below you can just skip to a selection of over 150 £5 or less items. This option is at the top of all the categories. This year’s gift guide is high-tech, bitches. Y’all don’t even need to read. Um, why did you suddenly turn Southern?  The moment took me.  aStore – Here!

    1. Sweets. A slight cop out to some – a wise choice for others. I personally love the idea of getting sweets as a gift, because I prefer smaller gifts – mainly because there seems to be a direct correlation between how small a gift is and how well it is wrapped.

      Helpful note: if you have a lot of people to buy for, you can buy boxes of sweets in bulk. Let me help you out with some links here.

      Cadbury Heroes Carton 350 g (Pack of 3)Mega Deluxe Chocolate Hamper Gift Box: Amazon.co.uk: Grocery
      Mega Deluxe Chocolate Hamper Gift Box
    2. Cheap jewellery. As I love you all, I created an aStore specifically dedicated to jewellery (which is essentially where I scrolled through Amazon and selected the best things I could find and arranged them into price ranges) so you can browse a specially chosen selection that are specifically in your price range. And what am I? A teen. So who have I chosen for? Teens! (I tried to include quite a lot for guys too)
    3. Choker
      Jewellery of Lords Black Vintage Stretch Tattoo Henna Choker Hippy Necklace: Amazon.co.uk: Jewellery
      These choker type necklaces are actually really popular at the moment and at only £1.97 (free P+P) a steal too! Jewellery of Lords Black Vintage Stretch Tattoo Henna Choker Hippy Necklace
    4. Fake piercings. Fake piercings are such a stylish, useful idea because . . . well, getting piercings is a phase that every teen seems to go through – and instantly regret. (I’ve included some fake piercings in my jewellery aStore)
    5. Nail polish
    6. Key chains! Cheap and adorable – what could be better?
    7. Posters! Posters are great because . . . well, they’re cheap, adorable and what says “I know you!” more than getting someone a giant picture of their favourite band, or something? Even if you don’t know them that well, there are loads of generic posters that anyone would love!
    8. Socks. Okay, look at me like that. But socks are a great stocking filler and . . . they’re cheap. Novelty socks are also great gifts because they’re cute and useful. Can’t go wrong.
    9. Books! Although, if bought in store, books can be pretty pricey (there are some months I end up spending £15 on a single book . . . I regret nothing.) when bought online they usually cost about £3 – and that’s new. As this is another vague answer, guess what I provided you with . . . that’s right – an aStore! (Which would be here)
    10. USB sticks. Okay, yes, I know you’re thinking “wow, Mia, isn’t that . . . so incredibly boring.” … You, my dear reader, would be correct – but USBs are pretty much necessary once you reach high school and some of these are . . . well, really, really cute.
      8GB Portable Unique Design Despicable Me Cartoon Character Minions Mark Style USB Flash Memory – Yellow
    11. Badges! Who doesn’t love badges? They’re a cute, expressive and . . . inexpensive. Not to mention – cheap.

    12. Ain’t No Wifey Beanie (Red)
    13. BEANIES! (See what I did there?) There are so many different kinds of beanies and they’re all adorable. The aStore has a nice variety for you lovely people, just saying.
    14. Cake pops!
    15. Chocolate pizza! (Please. Please.) An Entire Store For Chocolate Pizza! (The individually wrapped pizza slices are adorable, let’s not lie.)
    16. Fake nails (if you go instore to somewhere like Boots, these cost like £10, for a pack of 24, but on Amazon it’s £2 for a pack of 200. Deals. All included in the aStore.)
    17. Press on nails
    18. (An example of press on nails)
      Elegant Touch Pre Polished Nails with self adhesive tabs – Jet Black – 301 – £3.62
    19. Pens! Okay, don’t look at me like that. I meant cute pens. Like these.
      Explore. Dream. Discover. Green Pencils, pencil pack, travel gifts, adventure gifts, mothers day, graduation gift, fathers day, teacher gift
      Etsy set of 6 for £4.96 if you’re going to buy on Etsy, sign up here – http://etsy.me/1wATIqs – for £5 off your first order.
    20. It's Business Time Pencil 6 Pack in Black with Gold
      Etsy set of 6 for £4.96 – if you’re going to buy on Etsy, sign up here – http://etsy.me/1wATIqs – for £5 off your first order.
    21. Nail decals (essentially stickers or press on designs for your nails) – these are cute and usually cost about 40p per sheet.
    22. Example 1
    23. Example 2 – this seller has over 200 designs (with a hell of a lot of variety) and they all go for £0.48 each, free P+P
    24. Last example, I promise.
    25. 50 Sheets of 3D Nail Stickers (they look a bit tack in this picture, but if you click on the link and see all the sheets separately, they’re great.)

      50 Sheets 3D Nail Art Tips Stickers Design Manicure Decals
    26. Face masks
    27. Guitar Picks
    28. Marvel Guitar Picks
      Peavey Marvel Universe Classic Pick Pack (Box of 12)
    29. Adorable bear or cat tights
      Women Cute Cat Bear Over Knee Socks Stocking Tight Hosiery Tattoo Pantyhose – £1.11 (I really want that skirt. I’m going to find it.)
    30. Cute Skeleton Necklace (which I actually own, go me!)
      Lingstar(TM) Big Eyes UFO Aliens Little Skull Long Necklace Women Sweater Chain (black) – £0.99
    31. Leg warmers!
    32. Fluffly socks! (Great around Christmas especially.)
    33. Yup.
      Ladies Army Camouflage Leg warmers – Khaki Green Rib – One Size – £2.75
    34. Money Counting Penny Jar. I really need one of these.
      Gift House Int Digital UK Coin Counting Money Jar – £5
    35. Phone cases!
    36. Bookmarks! (This might go down better, say, with a book)
    37. Novelty Boxers
    38. THE BEST NOTEBOOKS EVER. And, no, I am not exaggerating.

      I love these. These are my babies. And my lovers. And possibly my mother. And that really weird to type, can we just forget I said anything? Thanks guys, love you all.
      These drop in at £3.50 each (so little . . . so many . . .) and are hilarious and adorable – perfect for stockings or just little presents. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/123036993/a6-pocket-notebook-jotter-mini-journal?ref=sr_gallery_34&ga_search_query=notebooks&ga_page=7&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery – –  if you’re going to buy on Etsy, sign up here – http://etsy.me/1wATIqs – for £5 off your first order.
    39. For Your Vampire Lovers – Or Total Twilight Bashers
      Witty Humorous Funny Vampire Gothic Pocket Notebooks - A6 Softcover Small Journals - Vampires
      £3.50 from Etsy –  if you’re going to buy on Etsy, sign up here – http://etsy.me/1wATIqs – for £5 off your first order.
    40. Tiny, cute purses
      Women’s Cool Backpack Flower Coin Bag Wallet Hand Pouch Purse – £1.49
    41. Cufflinks
    42. Iron man 2 cufflinks – £1.37
    43. Evil Spiderman Cufflinks – £2.99
    44. Midi Rings!
    45. 7pcs Skull Bowknot Heart Nail Knuck Band Midi Mid Finger Tip Stacking Rings (7 Pcs) – £0.58
    46. Cute mug
      Star Wars, Starbucks Coffee parody MUG. Ceramic / Dishwasher proof – £5

Upto £15 

As aforementioned, the Upto £15 aStore is here.

  1. CDs. As this is one of those pesky, vague answers I made (another) aStore with a vast selection of recommendations.
  2. Earphones.

    (This pair come in a variety of colours and they’re adorable, so I had to..) Fresh Tangle Free Earbuds, Blue – £7
  3. HUF socks.
    Click to zoomClick to zoom
    These come at £12 a pop, but Huf socks are adored by everyone and come in all kinds of colours and designs – perfect for both boys and girls. http://www.size.co.uk/brand/huf/
  4. USB Powered Mini Fridge

    For only £15 this is a steal – and…I mean, it’s a USB powered mini-fridge. What do I even need to say?
    GreatGadgets 3072 USB Mini Fridge (Red)
  5. DVDs.
  6. Funny T-Shirts. I actually have my own store which has a range of stuff, which includes some funny t-shirts. (like the one below – it’s designed on a male shirt so it’s big enough to wear as a pyjama top. But I want it.)
  7. A full pencil case – complete with some nice pens.
  8. Phone Cases. Phone cases are so cute – and kind of essential too.
  9. Calendars!
  10. Notebooks! I love notebooks..
  11. The Book Of Lists (a really cool book filled with really cool, really random trivia.)
    The Book Of Lists: The Original Compendium of Curious Information – £7.50
  12. POPCORN MAKER! (There . . . may be an absurd number of food makers further down the gift guide.. Just a brief warning.)
    Andrew James Hot Air Popcorn Maker -Includes 500g of Popping Corn Kernels, 4 Popcorn Boxes And 2 Year Warranty
  13. I’m a Disney Princess top
    I'm A Disney Princess T-Shirt (Small): Amazon.co.uk: ClothingI’m A Disney Princess T-Shirt (Small) – £6.50
  14. Craft a doodle book – great for artists or just creative kiddiwinks

    Craft-a-Doodle – £10.50
  15. These fucking amazing notebooks that I swear to God are the top of my Christmas list. (And look great in person, as they are currently sold in Waterstones and they look amazing.)

    In My Humble Opinion Journal – £8.36
  16. My Dysfunctions Journal – £8.36
  17. Inner Truth Journal: It’s Gonna be Ok – £8.36
  18. Press on nails (with designs) – in the case of the example below, a nice ombre effect.
    Elegant Touch Trend Ombre Nails, Tropical Sunset/ Coral/ Peach – £7.25
  19. Fairy lights! (I’m not joking; these are honestly on my Christmas list)
  20. Nail polish sets!
  21. Possibly the cutest (and definitely the cheapest) nail polish set there is
  22. Guitar Pick Creator

    Pickmaster Plectrum Punch-Make Your Own Picks – £16
  23. Laundry Punch Bag. I’m sorry, but this is so bloody cool. I want one.
    SUCK UK Punch Bag Drawstring Laundry Bag – £16
  24. Money Jars!
  25. Speak of the devil!
    Plastic Coca Cola/Coke Savings Money Bottle/Coke Bottle Money Box/ Novelty Money Box-60 cm height-Official Licensed. – £8.64
  26. 3-Panel Jewellery Organiser for Hanging Earrings, Bracelets, & Necklaces, Black £15
  27. Cream sets.
  28. Good hair conditioners – okay, fine, you might think it’s a bit boring, but I guarantee 80% of teen girls (including me) adore hair conditioner. It’s a necessity. But it’s a bloody expensive one; treat your teen to some quality stuff as a good present.
  29. “Hi, I’m A Pessimist” T-Shirt
  30. Victoria’s Secret Body Mists. These are amazing. My friends and I trek up to London a few times a year just to go to Victoria’s Secret and buy them. Ugh. They’re lovely.
  31. (I included loads in the aStore, so I’ll only post one on here)
    Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist (Pure Seduction) – £7
  32. Body Butter
  33. Soap And Glory Smoothie Star Body Buttercream 300ml – £10.50
  34. Bath bomb sets!
  35. Soap sets
  36. Bomb Cosmetics Little Box of Love Gift Pack – £9.99
  37. Chocolate sets/Boxes
  38. Lindt Chocolate Lovers Gift Bag 201 g (Pack of 1) – £7.99
  39. Speakers! Portable speakers are a bit of a rage right now (pretty much half of my friends have at least one. Usually more in a bunch of really bright colours.) and they’re cheap, so why not?
  40. Expower(R) IPX7 Waterproof Shockproof Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker for Outdoor Exercise and Shower (Black+Red) – £15 It’s a speaker. For the shower. How fucking cool is that? Come on
  41. Ripped jeans
  42. Ear cuffs
  43. Skullcandy earphones

    Skullcandy is such a popular brand because they’re really cute and individual – these are only a few designs, but there really are loads. I also know from experience that they work really well and last for ages. Skullcandy Store
  44. Cute motivational necklace
    Motto words bar necklace - rose gold titanium
    £11.36 from Etsy –  if you’re going to buy on Etsy, sign up here – http://etsy.me/1wATIqs – for £5 off your first order.
  45. Purses
  46. Genuine Ladies LYDC Anna Smith With Ribbon Pattern and Gold Plate and Stud Purse – £11
  47. New Cufflinks Cuff Links Playstation Controller CL193 – £10
  48. Watch
    Vantasy New Men Design Steel Skeleton LED 7 Backlight Analogue Quartz Sport Wrist Watch LED Watch,Black – £7.49
  49. Scarves
  50. Band merchandise – if you know their favourite band, you have the key to their heart. Band merch comes in all shapes and sizes – keyrings, posters, t-shirts, wristbands, phone cases, notebooks . . . the list really does go on. Although, if you don’t know their favourite band and play it safe with Nirvana or Guns’N’Roses.
  51. Ear cuffs (I feel like I’ve already mentioned these. Sorry.)
  52. Bundle Monster 6pc Punk Style Ear Wrap Charm Ear Cuff Earring Stud Fashion Accessory for Pierced + Non Pierced Ears - Set 2: Amazon.co.uk: J...Bundle Monster 6pc Punk Style Ear Wrap Charm Ear Cuff Earring Stud Fashion Accessory for Pierced + Non Pierced Ears £9.99
  53. Slave chain bracelets – these are adorable and so cheap. And they’re basically a ring, with a bracelet.
  54. Bundle Monster 5pc Gothic Punk Metal Loose Chain Charm Gypsy Ring Bracelet Mix Designs- Silver/Brass/Gold Finish- Set 1: Amazon.co.uk: Jewel...Bundle Monster 5pc Gothic Punk Metal Loose Chain Charm Gypsy Ring Bracelet Mix Designs- Silver/Brass/Gold Finish- £9.99
  55. Art Supplies
  56. Hobby Guide Books – if you know some of your teen’s interests, you can get them hobby books. Or, if you want to get them into something, give them a hobby book.
  57. Tote bags!
  58. Pull-up bar
  59. Hula hoop! Hula hoops are fun and healthy. Good for teens that want to get in shape and inexpensive.
    Hoopomania Light Hoop Hula Hoop with Foam 1.2 kg – £11.90
  60. Chocolate Hamper
    Chocolate Lovers Gift Box – £12.50
  61. Chocolate Pizza
    Games for Motion Scrabble with Chocolate Pieces 170 g – £8

Upto £25
The upto £25 aStore is here.

    1. A hair drier! Especially for teen girls, hair is a big factor. You could buy them some proper styling equipment and they’ll love you.
    2. Continuing on from that, Hair Curlers! (Whether these are tongs or whatever)
    3. Hair straighteners!

    4. BaByliss 5541CU Pro Speed 2200 W Hair Dryer £20
    5. Remington S3500 Ceramic Straight 230 Hair Straightener – £20
    6. BaByliss 2287BU Pro Curl 210 Curling Tong – £18
    7. A tattooed barbie!
      Tattoo a Barbie!
    8. THE BEST THING IN THE BLOODY UNIVERSE. Cards Against Humanity.

      Cards Against Humanity: UK edition – £20 For those of you that don’t  know, CAH is basically a card game. And that is all I’m going to reveal. Just . . . look it up. It’s amazing.
    9. Novelty boxers.
    10. Lingerie. (Probably more of a girl-to-girl thing. It would be extremely weird for a second cousin to buy his cousin lacy underwear. I’m just saying.)
    11. Chalk-board-wall-decal-calendar
      Chalkboard Wall Calendar - Vinyl Wall Decals
      £21.68 – https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/66436196/chalkboard-wall-calendar-vinyl-wall?ref=sc_3&sref=sr_40e33f01bb11308234d7b9a6fa62c6bfd81b201a07dfb0c2c3bdc6d6f9da94f2_1409152236_14093939_calendar&sref2=NjY0MzYxOTY.%3AY2FsZW5kYXI.%3AMTQwOTM5Mzk.%3AY2FsZW5kYXI.%3Ady4y%3AMTQwOTE1MjIzNg..%3AMzoxNDA5MTUyMjM2OnF6cGNUR0ZESWdaWjRTMXVJTmVSZFMzM2NfeW46OWViNWUwNTcyMzAwYmJjYjU0YzM3MmU5Mzk1ZGY1NDFhMjMzMmRiNDA0NTIyN2E3YTAzYTE1OTU5MzRiZGUyMw..%3Ade04f7a93824f462b16509e502c3077100c78d01&ga_search_query=calendar&ga_page=5&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery  if you’re going to buy on Etsy, sign up here – http://etsy.me/1wATIqs – for £5 off your first order.
    12. Pyjamas
    13. A jewellery box
      Sophia Vintage Shabby Chic Jewellery Box Ladies Three Drawer Jewellery Box 2668 – £22.99
    14. Bath sets!
    15. Mani-pedi sets!
    16. ONESIES!
    17. Luzia New Womens Adult Mens Unisex Aztec Superman Batman Print Ladies Hoody Jumpsuit Onesie – £20
    19. iBoutique ColourJets USB Dancing Fountain Speakers for PC/Mac/MP3 Players/Mobile Phones/Tablets – Jet Black – £18
    20. Kimonos!
    21. Decorative Pillows
  1. Vans
    Vans Unisex Authentic Classic Canvas Trainer VRQZ7IM: Amazon.co.uk: Shoes & BagsVans Unisex Authentic Classic Canvas Trainer VRQZ7IM – £24
  2. Chocolate Hamper!

Upto £50

  1. Converses! Who doesn’t love converses?
    Converse All Star Ox Shoes - White: Amazon.co.uk: Shoes & Bags
    Converse All Star Ox Shoes – White
  2. TV Box sets! If in doubt, always get someone a box set of their favourite television series!
  3. Film box sets – I’m thinking Matrix, Twilight etc
  4. Book box sets
  5. Hair dryers – okay, yeah, it may not be wildly exciting, but it’s kind of a necessity and hair styling is important to well . . . pretty much every girl I know. If you’re stuck . . . this may be the way to go.
  6. Hair straighteners!
  7. Hair curlers (yes, theme. Sorry.)
  8. Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor Allstar Ox Fabric Trainers: Amazon.co.uk: Shoes & Bags
    Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor Allstar Ox Fabric Trainers
  9. Waffle makers! I personally love waffles – well, I mean, who doesn’t love waffles – and if I ever got a waffle maker I think I would cry. I mean, that is literally the dream. Kind of.
    Belgian Waffle Maker with 1kg Luxury Belgian Waffle Mix – £34.90
  10. Donut maker! (Do you sense a theme here?)
    Donut Bakery Kit – £46.50, but isn’t it so beautiful?
  11. Candy floss maker!
    Andrew James Candy Floss Maker Machine + Three Candy Floss Flavoured Sugars – Lemon, Orange & Cherry – £30
  12. Ice cream maker! (Yes, I’ll stop soon, but just look at all the possibilites . . . imagine if you bought someone all of them . . . they’d love you forever. Hint hint. Buy the food makers.)
    Andrew James Ice Cream, Sorbet and Frozen Yoghurt Maker Machine 1.45 Litre + 128 Page Recipe Book – As voted “Best Buy” Ice Cream Maker By Which Magazine – £26
  13. Cake Pop Maker!
    Andrew James Red Cake Pop Maker With 11 Hole Cake Pop Display Stand, Includes 25 Lollipop Sticks 25 Cake Pop Bags And 25 Twist Ties Ideal For All Family Occasions And Celebrations – £27 (by the way, if you don’t know what cake pops are look the delicious little babies up. You’ll thank me.)
    SNOWCONE / SLUSHIE MAKER WITH 2 X 500 ML SYRUP BOTTLES – a little over at £51, but it’s a SLUSHIE MAKER so I couldn’t just not include it.
  15. Duvet covers! These come in so many cool, unique designs and are just adorable. I mean, if you know your teenager you can get them a personal favourite (eg an Adventure Time duvet.)
  16. Silk/satin covers. These look lovely, but for your curly haired (or beauty obsessed) teens, satin sheets are amazing for your skin and completely de-frizz hair.
  17. love Adventure Time. (As does any normal human being and . . . well, most teenagers I know) Adventure Time Jake Double Duvet Cover Set – £32
  18. Marvel Comics King Size Duvet Set Panel Print – £30
  19. 3-Piece Notebook Set
    3 Piece handmade notebook set
    £34 – Etsy – http://etsy.me/1wATIqs
  20. Games! Games, games, games! My personal favourites include anything to do with Mario, Zelda, Tomb Raider, Sims or Animal Crossing. If you want some ideas, there are lots of lists for popular games – just Google it.

  21. (This game looks amazing. I mean, absolutely hilarious. Watch the trailer on the amazon page and be wowed.)Tomodachi Life (Nintendo 3DS) – £30
  22. I love, love, love animal crossing. Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Nintendo 3DS) – £25
  23. Sims 4!
    The Sims 4 – Limited Edition (PC DVD) – £33
  24. Rollerblades!
  25. A record player! For some reason, everyone is in love with vintage everything at the moment and music is no exception. A lot of albums are released on vinyl now, so why not buy a record player and invest in some record.
  26. GPO Stylo 3 Speed Stand Alone Turntable with Built In Speakers – Black – £39
  27. Wireless Aston Martin Mouse
    Wireless Car Mouse – Aston Martin – Storm Black – £35
  28. Adorable Trinket Box

    I have a love for all things Oriental or boxy, so this really gets me. Mother of Pearl Peacock Design Music Wooden Black Bird Girls Jewellery Mirror Case Trinket Keepsake Treasure Gift Musical Asian Lacquer Box Case Chest Organizer – £49.95
  29. Victoria’s Secret Set (I can’t handle it. It’s beautiful.)
    Victoria Secret Gift Set Pack Of 6 Boxed 125 ml – £30
  30. Friends Complete Box Set! Friends is old, but I legitimately don’t know a single girl that doesn’t love it and, now that e4 doesn’t air it anymore (sad face), a box set may be a good idea!
    Friends – Season 1-10 Complete Collection (15th Anniversary) [DVD] [2004] – £50
  31. Wall decals
  32. Chalkboard Walk Decal Calendar
    Chalkboard Wall Calendar with Memo - Vinyl Wall Decal
    £39.64 https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/63774260/chalkboard-wall-calendar-with-memo-vinyl?ref=related-3  if you’re going to buy on Etsy, sign up here – http://etsy.me/1wATIqs – for £5 off your first order.
  33. Healing crystals!
  34. Healing crystal necklace.
    Opalite, Amethyst and Hamsa Chakra Healing crystal Chokers set of 3
    Opalite, Amethyst and Hamsa Chakra Healing crystal Chokers set of 3 – £27 – From Etsy. (I want these. I really, really want these.) – if you’re going to buy on Etsy, sign up here – http://etsy.me/1wATIqs – for £5 off your first order.
  35. Vans
    Vans Unisex - Adult U AUTHENTIC (POP) PETIT FOU Low: Amazon.co.uk: Shoes & BagsVans Unisex – Adult U AUTHENTIC (POP) PETIT FOU Low – £27
  36. Underwater Camera
    Compact Underwater Digital Camera Vivitar 8426 Waterproof 8 Megapixel – 3 Metres Underwater – Aqua Blue – £40
  37. Pillows!

Upto £100

  1. A spa day!
  2. A hair cut and style!
  3. Polaroid camera! (Like I said, an increasing adoration for anything retro seems to be popping up. I blame Urban Outfitters. They’re amazing.)
    Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera Gift Bundle with 40 Shots – 5 COLOUR OPTIONS – £80
  4. Ecosphere. These are fucking cool – essentially what they are is a- I’m just going to copy and paste the description from their site.
    This is a very special little gift indeed. The world’s first completely enclosed ecosystem. It’s a feat created by NASA Scientists – a totally self contained, self sustaining miniature universe wrapped in a clear, glass shell. You really have to see it to believe it.Every single EcoSphere contains a totally sealed ecosystem. There are teeny tiny micro-organisms inside – they’re the shrimp and algae you can see in the picture swimming around in the clear ‘soup’ of filtered sea-water. You don’t need to feed the little shrimp or clean the water, all you need to do is provide a safe environment with lots of indirect natural or artificial light. Your ecosphere will last roughly 3 years. But it’s really not unusual for them to last much longer, some are still going strong after a whopping 10 years.
    Ecosphere- Small Round – £90
  5. Penny Boards! My best friend Sophie tried to explain these to me, but . . . I’m not a skater, so I honestly have no clue. Penny boards are insanely popular, though! (And they come in such a variety of designs you could probably buy one for a non-skater and they’d keep it just to look at)
    Penny 069169 – Skateboard – Multiple Designs – £75+
  6. Beautiful Trinket Box (That I really, really want)
    Mother of Pearl Purple Asian Lacquer Women Wooden Jewellery Trinket Keepsake Treasure Gift Girls Ring Necklace Box Chest Case Storage Organizer with Flower and Crane Design – £64
  7. Soap and Glory Box Set
  8. (For artistic teens) A graphics tablet! I personally need one of these – and a scanner. (If you don’t know what a graphics tablet is, it’s basically a tool to allow you to draw directly onto a computer. It’s great if you like digital art.)
  9. This one is amazing and RRPs at over £200 – if you look at the specs, you’ll understand why. However, I managed to find it at . . . £67! Which is great because not only are most graphic tablets only £17 pounds cheaper . . . they’re also a lot smaller. Monoprice 12×9-inch Graphic Drawing Tablet – £67
  10. Magazine Subscriptions! I included a link that actually helps you select which magazine to buy – and iSubscribe is easily the cheapest website I’ve seen. http://www.isubscribe.co.uk/magazine-gift-finder.cfm
  11. Concert tickets
  12. Exercise Bike
    Ultrasport Exercise Bike F-Bike -£89.99
  13. A bike!
  14. Tour of a football stadium
  15. Classes – maybe a cooking class, or a poledancing class. Don’t you look at me like that.


  1. A TV! Most teens have a TV, but bigger is always better.
    Panasonic TX-50A400B 50-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD LED TV with Freeview (New for 2014) – £249
  2. Games consoles!
  3. xBox One

    Xbox One Console with Kinect – £389
  4. PS4
    Sony PlayStation 4 Console (PS4) – £339
  5. 3DS – I think 3DS is my favourite console purely because all the games are fucking great; Animal Crossing, Zelda, Mario . . .don’t even start me.
    Nintendo 3DS Handheld Console – Cosmos Black – £147
  6. An iPad is always a great way to go.
    Apple iPad 4 with Retina Display – Black (16GB, WiFi) – £285
  7. A tablet.
  8. An iPhone. I really want an iPhone – well, half because of the cases, but half because iPhones are fucking cool.
    Apple iPhone 5, White, 16GB – £399
  9. Laptop
    Toshiba Satellite L50-B-17J 15.6-inch Notebook (White) – (Intel Core i3-3217U 1.8GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Windows 8.1, Skullcandy Audio) – £359 – laptops are probably the best gift you could get a teen because they are literally everything – fun, useful and . . . well, technology.
  10. Macbook
    Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro (Intel Dual Core i5 2.5GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, HD Graphics 4000, OS X Lion) – £739 Basically a laptop . . . but taken to the complete next level. No teen would ever complain at a Macbook. My best friend Amber is pining for one.
  11. Desktop computer
  12. Mac
    Apple iMac 27-inch All-in-One Desktop PC with Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard (Intel Core i5 3.2GHz Processor, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB HDD, 7200rpm, Face Time HD Camera, OS X Mountain Lion) – £1,200 – Macs are the best.
  13. A horse
  14. Exercise Equipment
  15. Exotic pets
  16. A puppy!
  17. A kitten
  18. A Treadmill
    Confidence Power Plus Motorised Treadmill – £129
  19. A snake
  20. A canon camera – this is actually a contribution from my best friend Amber, who really wants one.
    Canon PowerShot SX520 HS Digital Camera – (16MP, 42x Optical Zoom) 3 inch LCD – £199
  21. Timberland Boots
    Womens Timberland 6 Inch Premium Wheat Ankle Boots SIZE 3-8: Amazon.co.uk: Shoes & BagsWomens Timberland 6 Inch Premium Wheat Ankle Boots SIZE 3-8 – £139
  22. This adorable bracelet that I will one day own, I don’t even care.
    Ultimate Disney Classic Charm Bracelet: Amazon.co.uk: Jewellery
    Ultimate Disney Classic Charm Bracelet – £159
  23. WINNIE THE POOH. I love, love, love Winnie The Pooh, so this makes me ridiculously happy.
    Pooh and Friends Swarovski Crystal Charm Bracelet: Amazon.co.uk: JewelleryPooh and Friends Swarovski Crystal Charm Bracelet – £109
  24. Experiences – http://www.redletterdays.co.uk/Home

The Jesus-Christ-When-You’re-Old-And-Senile-I’ll-Make-Sure-Your-Nurses-Are-All-Hot-And-Wear-Short-Tight-Uniforms level gifts that will get you in your teen’s good books . . . forever – GIFT BOXES Included

  1. I have an entire post dedicated to gift hampers here, for your convenience
  2. A complete wardrobe revamp. (Please, jesus.)
  3. A complete room revamp.
  4. Day trip shopping in Paris with friends. (If you take the Eurostar, you can literally drive into France. It’s so cool.) Offer to pay for them and a friend, or offer to take them to Paris for the day. You could go shopping, or Disneyland Paris.
  5. -Idea/Story Break- So last year this was a present  I included – “Winter sleepover in a box”. A gift I thought up for my cousin actually, as she lives in Devon and it gets bloody freezing down there. Basically, you get a pretty box and in it you put all the essentials for a winter sleepover – fluffy socks, a movie, popcorn, a blanket, hot chocolate mix, biscuits and a pair of pyjamas. We brits need our ways to battle the cold, after all – and it inspired a range of my favourite things – gift boxes! (There has been way too many italics in this section. I’m just saying.) But, essentially, I created my own gift boxes and stored them in helpful aStores. Okay? Okay. This isn’t The Fault In Our Stars, Mia, stop.
  6. “Managing Your Money” Gift Box – aStore is here
    A gift box for those teens who need a bit of help managing their money.
  7. “Nail Art Perfection” Gift Box – aStore is here

    There are so many cute nail designs – and now you can give your teen the gift of being able to do them all themselves!
  8. Marvel Madness Gift Box – aStore is here

    Since Avengers (and obviously before, but Avengers really made it mainstream) everyone is in love with Marvel. This is fucking great because Marvel merch is 1. awesome and 2. easy to find.
  9. “Organise Your Life” Gift Box – aStore here

    More one for those that love school, or need a bit of help organising themselves for it. A gift box complete with everything you need to get back on track.
  10. “Tumblr Threw Up On Me” gift box. Let me explain this a little bit; so around 80% of teens have Tumblr. (I made up that statistic. But still, my point remains.) Even those of us that don’t have tumblr still kind of use it – because it is literally everywhere. Famous pictures, quotes, T-Shirts, people . . . Tumblr is everywhere. And we love it. So this gift box is all the best things to come out of Tumblr – and any teen girl would love it. – aStore here

  11. Complete Charm Bracelet; this is an idea that I’ve had for ages – although I want to get people charms as presents every occasion to build up and have them all really meaningful. But a good present would be a complete charm bracelet with charms that relate to the teen. (Eg. their favourite animal, colour, first letter of their name etc) – aStore here
  12. A complete makeup giftbox – aStore here
  13. A complete jewellery box – aStore here
  14. A kindle filled with books
  15. gold iPhone.
    Apple iPhone 5S UNLOCKED Space Grey/Gold/Silver 16/32/64GB SIM FREE (16GB, Gold) – £460
  16. puppy
  17. This is more of a DIY gift – have family put money in mason jar throughout year. At Christmas time, give the jar to your teen.
    What a great tradition to start.... Have family put money in mason jar throughout year. At Christmas time, choose someone to bless (anonymously). On Christmas eve, deliver by Ring and Run. Must read the book "The Christmas Jar" it explains how it all started. I love this!
  18. Chocolate Lovers – aStore

  19. Hampers! Hampers are . . . ah, God, they’re just the best. If you open a present to see its a hamper, it’s like another present. If you want to give someone a really great present, get them a hamper – and do it big. Go hard or go home.
  20. Guylian Hamper (okay, so this one is kind of small, but it’s Guylian so allow me.)
    Guylian Hamper 800g – £29.95
  21. An even bigger Guylian hamper.
    Chocolate Gift Hamper… Chocolate Sensations – £44.50
  22. One last chocolate hamper, because I really want to hammer home what a good idea these are (and I’m drooling look at them)
    Mega Deluxe Chocolate Hamper Gift Box – £32.90

Presents On The Cheap

Okay, so by presents on the cheap I really am looking at ways to save yourself money at Christmas without having to resort to tack or just generally terrible gift ideas.

So, here a few of my main ideas:

  1. DIY gift boxes. Don’t shake your head at me – I know you’re thinking “that means I have to buy the stuff myself”, but that’s where it comes in handy. For example, last year I raided Primark and Poundland and cheap shops like that and piled all the stuff together, usually mixed in with a good few gifts too.
    I’m not very good at explaining.
    In Primark, for example, they sell sets of jewellery – so I bought a few sets of necklaces (you all know those tiny, cute, four packs) and rings and bracelets etc – then went to Poundland and bought things like nice mugs, candles, incense, photo frames, big packs of sweets etc and then went to WHSmiths and bought a bunch of books off clearance (they’re like 5op-£4 each) and came home with bags of stuff, but only £30 spent.
    I then took everything out of the packaging and spread it all out – which is when you really realise how much you have. Once you can see all the stuff you’ve bought, you can divide it into seperate gift boxes and wa-la! You’re done! I know you might be a bit sceptical, so I’m going to include what I managed to salvage last year.
    Mum: clearance autobiography of one of her favourite comedians (Dawn French), a set of frangrance oils (she has a burner) – poundland, a box of chocolate – Poundland, a necklace, a bracelet and a ring – Primark, and a mug (part of a couples set) from poundland.
    I’m not going to explain what I mean by wholesale, I’m just going to show you.
    72 (Yes, 72) aloe vera, assorted colours lipsticks for £14.99
    72 x Lipstick with ALOE VERA / VITAMIN E Wholesale JOB LOT UK
    12 Eyeliner Pencils (Extra Long) for 99p
    24 Lipglosses (12 different colours) for £10.99
    20 pairs of earrings for £1.99
    20 Pairs Rhinestone Crystal Plastic Round Earrings Studs Pin Jewelry Wholesale New arrival
    These are just a few examples, but wholesale is a really cheap idea.
  3. Amazon Outlet. So most of you know about Outlet stores, right? Basically shops where all the unwanted items from brands go – so if Boohoo or Next doesn’t sell all its stock before the new season comes in, they’ll go to an Outlet store and you’ll be able to buy something that was £100 for £10. Amazon has it’s own one of these (usually for over-stock) which is . . . well, pretty damn amazing. Amazon Outlet (Let me include an example actually)
    amazon outlet

DIY Done Right

Here are a few Artsy Present Ideas – I have a Pinterest board specifically for Artsy Christmas here if you want a lot more. I tried to stick to things that are very much doable – and can be tailored to somebodies specific personality.

  1. Polaroid Mannequin
    Vintage photograph skirt
  2. Treat box!
    Birthday Treat Box! Such a cute idea! - could do a grown up version with crafty bits for crafty friends
  3. Sweet Tree
    DIY Candy Tree.
  4. “In Case Of Emergency…”
    Hahahaha...cute gift idea!  Dollar store frame and chocolate
  5. “Necklace in a walnut”
    leuk om een sieraad in te pakken  Cute diy gift packaging for a fairy necklace or any other small gift. How sweet
  6. Gum bouquet!
  7. Cupcake In A Jar
  8. Shadow Saving Box
    A photoframe money box – stick a photo of whatever the teen is saving up for (toTRAVEL THE WORLD, a certain college etc) and put it in a photoframe, then cut a slit in for money!

Okay, I feel like now is the time for a music break. Let me just insert a song for you beautiful people here.

Interesting Ways To Give Money (I feel like this is an important section.)


  1. Money Pizza!
    Money Gift Idea - fun gift idea for graduation, birthday or anytime! ....or for when someone is getting their first apartment.
  2. Money balloons! This would be cute in helium balloons too – especially on birthdays, sneak into your teens room with helium balloons filled with money and confetti. Cute.
    For my friends graduation, instead of giving her a card with cash in it, I slid dollar bills into balloons. Cute/ cheap/ creative gift:)Sneak in your child's bedroom during the night before their birthday and release balloons for them to wake up to! Oh you know I will do this :) I LOVE birthdays!Money Balloons - fill with rolled up bills and confetti....a cool way to present money as a gift, esp for a young person -I Love the 2 dollar balloons.
  3. Money chocolate box (and then you can eat the chocolate first too. Win.)
    money gift for Xmas!
  4. “Open when” letters – “open when”, you need a new coat, “open when” you need a pick me up, “open when” you’re craving chocolate etc.
    Such a great idea for anyone leaving home for an extended amount of time.  Will use when my daughters go abroad!
  5. “Rainy day umbrella”
    For a "rainy day" - Get an inexpensive umbrella and dangle bills from the inside so that when opened it up – tada!  Great for wedding gift, graduation gift, etc...
  6. Money in a sweets jar
    cover toilet paper roll, adhere and put inside mason jar. Fill around the roll with favorite candy.  This is the COOLEST way ever to give money!!

Gift Cards

The best gift card (for me at least) is an Amazon gift card because everything – and I do literally mean everything – you could get another gift card for is on Amazon. Then again, I just pretty much adore Amazon (it is my heaven as every site I use redeems using Amazon vouchers), so I may be biased.

Greeting Card Voucher – Amazon.co.uk Gift Card – £10-500 (Other designs available)

Gift Box Voucher – Amazon.co.uk Gift Box – £40-£250

 Gift Certificate design preview
Printable Voucher – Printable Amazon.co.uk Gift Certificate – £1-£1,000

Brands That Teens Love

  • Soap & Glory
  • Beyonce
  • Cadbury
  • Apple
  • Skullcandy

My Favourite Things

This is an evergrowing list, so if you have anything to add feel free to drop me a comment! Send me wishlists, cool present ideas you’ve found, things you like, links, pictures, shops . . .

Don’t forget to share! (And bookmark!)

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